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Best Squat Suit

Hey guys,
I want to get a squat suit but not sure what type to start with? I’m a wide stance low bar squatter, right now my max with wraps is around 530. Any thoughts on a beginner suit?

I would get the super centurion squat suit from anderson powerlifting. Get the wide stance option. It’s easy to learn, and it’s the best single ply squat suit out there.

I was going to ask if you were considering single ply or multiply. For single ply, Titan seems to run the world. For multiply, I think the best option for a beginner is a Metal poly suit. The Metal’s are generally pretty easy to use and are very forgiving compared to thicker canvas suits.

I have a Titan Centurion suit, metal pro briefs and an Ace suit. The centurion is great for single ply. When worn as briefs it is almost as supportive as the Metal pro briefs but it will bite the shit out of your hips and stuff. ( willl look like hickies afterwards) The pro briefs are easy to get on, supportive as hell and don’t leave any bite marks. They also don’t stretch much so they last for a looooong time. Had I have ordered the titan a size smaller, when it stretched out it would have been perfect.
The titan is great for stopping power. I didn’t get much rebound out of mine but ymmv. The pro stops good and has some rebound out of the hole. Both of these pieces compliment my squatting form and the gear is easy to learn.

The Ace is a bad mofo man. With the straps down it will stop you dead in the hole and has some nice pop to it. The key is to have a wide stance and just keep sitting back. Throw the straps up and it’s game on man. wicked stopping power and great pop. You can play with the strap tightness to be able to squat light weight all the way up to not even getting close to parallel with way more than you can squat.Not hard to learn for me but there is a definite technique to it and it allows for “growing room” as you get stronger. The Centurion straps are “as is” and of a fixed length which may or may not suit you but you can get them altered.

Although I did buy a single ply suit to start with it was purely because The Metal stuff costs so much. I didn’t know if I was going to like it, so I “cheaped out” and got a Titan for 1/2 of the cost of the Metal. Only later did I go all in because I love the gear game. If I could go back and do it over I would have got the Metal Pro suit. Also, In my opinion there is no minimum weight to wear multiply stuff. That akin to motorcycles in my mind. Harley guys just ride their freaking bikes, the bigger the motor the better. Only jap bike riders sweat that CC shit. Anyways… If you plan to compete single ply, get a Centurion. If you are going multi ply the Pro suit is great for a “starter suit” as it is very forgiving. The Jack is even better supposedly. I don’t own a Jack suit but I DO have a jack shirt and it’s the Cat’s ass.

If you’re going hard I’d recommend the Inzer Leviathan with the Predator briefs. If want a suit that’s a little more pliant then the Inzer T-Rex with the Predator briefs. I got a 200lb. carryover out of both combinations. I have a video on Youtube of me squatting 815lbs in the T-Rex. I don’t have any vids in the Leviathan.