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Best Squat Shoes for Big Dudes?

Heya, I’m in the market for some squat shoes to help a fatass out. I’m 6’4, 300 pounds and really need some good shoes to up my game (from what I’ve read.) My foot size is 13-13.5 but most shoes I see only go to 12. Any recommendations yall have for some good ones? Thanks and Merry Christmas.

I have the bike ramaleos (idk how to spell it) 3’s. They are super sturdy and come with different insoles. They go up to 14’s I think. I ordered same size I wear in regular Nike shoes and fit was the same.

Right on, I have them added to my list. Gonna keep looking around just in case but they are there. Thanks for the recommendation.

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No problem. I got mine off amazon for a lot cheaper than anywhere else. Couldn’t be picky about the color but a deals a deal!

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I have the adidapower weightlifting shoe. It is really sturdy.

I really like the look of the position shoe. It is hand made with a wood sole and about the same price as the top Nike and Adidas shoes. American made too. Probably what I’ll get in a decade when my current ones wear out.

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I have the Romaleos too. Ordered them a half size down specifically so they wouldn’t fit like my other shoe. They’re just a tiny bit tight, like any half size shoe, which is perfect for not having your shoes slide around during the squat. Definitely helps your feet be sturdy.

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Showing my age here, but I have Safe SST’s. Custom to fit my fat feet, most brands don’t fit me at all. especially not Adidas.


Thank you everyone for the awesome replies. I got me some good suggestions here!

First of all, how big you are doesn’t really make any difference for what sort of shoes you wear. Daniel Bell weighs 400lbs and wears the same Nike Romaleos as some lightweight girls.

All brands of heeled weightlifting shoes are more or less equal in terms of what they wil actually do for you. There are some cheaper ones like Sabo or Do-Win, and they are just fine. Vlad Alhazov squatted over 1100lbs in Sabos. If I was going to buy a new pair right now those are probably what I would go with just because of the price. Other than that, the Adidas lifting shoes are apparently quite narrow so if you have wide feet they are no good. You need to be able to spread your toes out to squat effectively.

What you have read might be bullshit. Some people squat better in heeled shoes, others are better off in flat shoes. If you have trouble hitting depth then heeled shoes can help a bit (not only less ankle dorsiflexion but also simulates a longer tibia) and they can help you squat more upright if that’s what you are going for, but it could end up being a waste of time and money. Unless you can try someone else’s shoes, you could try squatting with 5 or 10lb plated under your heels and see if that makes any improvements. If not, then heeled shoes won’t either.

Mainly the difference is stability. I am squatting in a pair of regular running shoes, because my squat shoes are in the States and I am not. This is just “squishier” footing. It doesn’t prevent anything, it’s just less comfortable. Chuck Taylor’s are fine for some guys, work boots for others. I like squatting in just socks, but it’s not practical in most gyms.

It definitely may be anecdotal and it may not work for me, but I am definitely down to try them. Also, worse case scenario, I have a dedicated pair of shoes for the gym and no more lifting in my work boots or work shoes. Thank you for the counter point though.