Best Squat for This Body Type?

Is the Zercher an inferior exercise to develop the legs due to the arms and upper back giving out first?
Say your current Thib program on leg day calls for Back Squats 4 sets of 8-10 with 6 sec eccentrics, obviously that’s a lot of upper body strain?
I to also need to Zercher or front squat to suit my body but have found the above issue with the Zercher and I can’t front rack position with front squats and arms crossed feels like it’s throwing alignments out!

I wrote an article about that on my web site. Pretty much every body I used the Zercher squat with end up doing the same as their front squat, or even higher. And some did big weights. For example:

Anthony Campbell (who is in the videos for my Best Damn strength plan for natural lifters) did 500lbs on the Zercher, which is around 75lbs over his best front squat.

A bobsleigh guy I’m working with did 440lbs.

T-nation author Jason Brown did 400 when we worked together, which was higher than his front squat.

I can do the same weight on Zercher as I can on front squat.

Yes it’s uncomfortable, but you quickly get used to it and arm strength is rarely an issue.

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I find my upper back gives out on the front squat before it does on zercher.


Yep, same for me. My zercher is almost as high as my back squat


Impressive as! I’ll see how I go on Tuesday with them and the slow eccentrics!
@Christian_Thibaudeau I went and read the article, makes sense. Thanks.
Would doing them on a smith machine be less beneficial for pure hypertrophy?

Well, if you are talking about lower body hypertrophy probably not. BUT you will not get the same strengthening effect on the core and upper back. Not to mention that unracking and racking a bar in the Smith machine with a Zercher grip (you have to rotate the bar to unrack/rack it in the Smith) can be problematic.

Must be a french thing. My friend MatthienJeandel Zercher about the same as he back squats.