Best Squat for This Body Type?

“If you have long limbs and a short torso and tibias that are shorter in relation of the then the Frankenstein squat with heels elevated will be your best bet.”

Would the zercher work just as well for quads in this instance as this is my body type?

Absolutely. The bobsleigh guy I train has this body type and the Zerchers are what worked best for him.

Right on ty😀

My friend Anthony Campbell is 6’5" with long legs and he Zerchered 500 and Frankensteined 405 vs a 485 back squat… so the Zercher is indeed a superior lift for him

amAmazing. I found with my body type I can deadlift everyday with no ill effects.

Yep… me I can squat everyday but if I deadlift more than twice (and only heavy once) I crash badly

I think a lot of these studies on superior exercises are bogus. You have to find what works for your body and neural type. Your anthropometry and mental make up matter so much.

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Yeah I have long legs, long tibias, even on the front squat I can’t stay really upright (like Lee Boyce if you’ve seen video of him) so for quads the back squat is really not my best option

Torso thickness is a huge thing. Thicker torsos support heavy compound lifts more frequently. It’s also why “shredded” state is not condusive to heavy squats…the overall “mass” and centrla pressure makes a big difference.

I always love the feeling of heavy barbells when i’m in a fluffy state (the wegiht feels cushioned, and easy to “manhandle”). The leaner i get teh heavier it feels and joints start getting hit too!


hope i’m not jacking the thread but how would lifting shoes(raised heels) factor into this?

They make it easier to stay upright when squatting and increase the loading on the quads.

I have a hip dominant Squat by default. More upright squats feel absolutely dreadful, I’m built for the Deadlift.
Would you also recommend squat shoes for my case? Keeping the same wider (powerlifting) stance? I’ve been contemplating buying a pair for a while but I don’t see enough benefits to warrant the cost. Although there’s this thought I’ve had in the back of head that if I got a but higher pair like the romaleos that it would improve my squat. As it stands it’s my worst lift of the big 3 (relative)

squat shoes are worth imho. They add ankle mobility and help you stay upight.

I ordered a pair a few days ago. I sprained one ankle quite badly years ago and no amount of soft tissue work recently will fix it. Hoping the shoes will balance out my difference in dorsiflexion. Been grinding for years without, but as I am aging I am noticing imbalances more

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Try weighted stretching in calf machines for a min in bottom position.

CT , how to measure the tibia, femurs, humerus etc … there is a model or a table to take the exact measurement points without being wrong ??

comment mesurer les tibias , fémurs , humérus etc… il y a un modèle ou un tableau pour prendre les points de mesures exacts sans se tromper ??

TIBIA: From the maleolus (maléole) up to just below the lower portion of the knee cap

FEMUR: From the knee cap to the greater trochanter (but you can simply use the middle of the hip, it’s close enough)

Femur + Tibia = leg length

The “proportionate” tibia will be 45-47% of your leg length

A short tibia will be 42-44% of the leg length

A long tibia will be 48-50% of the leg length

Leg length relative to height…

A “proportionate” leg length (tibia + femur) is between 44 and 46% of your height.

Legs (tibia + femur) that are 47% or more of your height = long legs

Legs that are 43% or less of your height = short legs

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Thank you coach. I reread the article and I have long legs and long tibias, what would be the best then? I would assume front or zercher since I have trouble staying upright (in fact I never do high bar because of that, puts too much pressure on my lower back)

The harder it is to stay upright the more you want to have the barbell “in front” (front squat and zercher) and the more you may need to elevate the heels

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merci coach , j’ai cherché pendant longtemps sans trouver la réponse complète .

je fais 184 cm

jambes 83 cm
tibia 37 cm
fémur 46 cm

mon vase externe refuse la croissance quelque soit le squat que je fais ,et pourtant je suis tous vos principes depuis des années parce que j’ai aimé de suite votre approche , et dernièrement depuis que je sais que je suis un 2A , je comprend mieux pourquoi ;-))