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Best sportscar under $33,000

I’ve been thinking about what car I’d like to buy a couple years from now, and its going to be a sportscar. I have it narrowed down to 2 or 3, BUT there are quite a few more in the category.

So which car would YOU choose?

Subaru WRX Sti
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
Dodge Neon SRT 4
Nissan 350ZX
VW Golf Gti
Mini Cooper (loaded model w/ turbo)
Ford Mustang GT '05
Mazda Miata
Mazda RX-8
Toyota Celica


a (gently) used BMW M3.

Personally I’m considering the Wrx, Lancer, Mustang or used M3 - a friend of mine bought one with about 40k on it and had a great experience with it- til it got stolen :frowning:

(I put 33k as the limit because the Lancer and 350Zx more or less peak at that price)

Don’t wait, get the 03 Mach 1 Mustang while you can (low 30 G’s). Great horsepower, limited edition, live axel for all the tire smokin goodness. I have an 03 GT which I love, but lacked the funds for the Mach 1. Or if you’re gonna wait, pick up a used 03 Mustang Cobra in a coulple of years, they’re like 35,000 to 40000 now…but 390 HP, let the price drop on a used one and you can easily get it for under 30,000.
Stay away from import rice.

Evo, without a shadow of a doubt.

No great sportcars in that price range but several in the “good” range. The ford GT under 33K? NO FREAKIN way but you can definitely get a used Ford SVT Mustang Cobra for under 33K if its slightly used… which would be my best bet… b/c it has 390 HP , optional color shifting paint, the coupe model looks like a ricer which may or may not be a good thing ( even though it actually looks cool , not like a pansy styled pontiac GTO ) , and optional covertible. Think about it… @ 38K new and definitely under Sonny’s 33K used , dollar for dollar, its got to be the best sports car - around b/c w/ 390 horses its 2X as powerful as most sports cars…

1.Some blue lights ( match the blue mystichrome ) under the thing - a la fast and the furious w/ the blue paint blue lights gig
2.12’s inthe trunk would trick that baby out

*** Any more suggestions for addons to the ultimate t-vehicle?? Optional T-babe sprawled on it …whatever :wink: ****

Even though they don’t make em anymore, I’d look for a Formula 6SPD WS6 or maybe a Firehawk of the last year(If I had enough left over I’d put a blower on it).

If the Pontiac is not an option, since it’s not made anymore, I’d probably get the WRX sti just for pure speed, although I don’t like how it looks as much as how it performs.

The Mustang wouldn’t be too bad either.

Buy an older Mustang GT 5.0 or an older corvette that just need a little TLC. My pops has a 91 mustang GT 5.0 with the chip installed and it has more power than you will ever need. The corvette will be a little faster and handle a little better but power will be about the same. You can probably pick one of these up for 10-15k and all that extra money can go into re-finishing the car and possibly add-ons, upgrades.

I have a mustang GT, which is under 30 g. 260 hp, 302 ft/tq. stock, more with my mods, which bring it up closer to 30 g’s. The ford GT will be greater than 150 g’s when it is released for public sale, not that anyone will be able to locate one anyway if they had the 150 g’s to spend on it, suposedly must of the projected production ahs already been spoken for.

The best Idea yet is from Vegita, if you have some mechanical skills difinately look into a late 80’s or early 90’s mustang GT/cobra with a 5.0 or if you can find one a 5.8/351. Those motors have excellent track records and are proven, not to mention comparitively easy to work on. A used covette with a 350 is an outstanding choice as well, just avoid the early 80’s ones, low out put. Either one of these cars with about $1500 worth of motor mods (eg heads, intake and exhaust) will hang with if not blow away most of these current production sports cars, especially the 4 cylender turbo imports that are so popular now.

mach one mustang!

Lumber, you’re right, I was thinking of the base Mustang price.

150 gs for a Mustang GT, Flexiclese? I’m not doubting you but it seems a little hard to believe.

I don’t want to go too old, because I have zero mechanical skills, even though my mechanic is AWESOME. He’s also my cuz, so that helps.

I’d prefer something new or slightly used than fool around w/ an older car w/ no warranty.

Keep 'em coming!

Do they sell the Lotus Exige or Elise out there? That would be within your budget and a real mid-engined sports car, not very practical mind you but then sportscars aren’t about practicality. Handles like its on rails, amazing grip, beautifully balanced and quick off the line. Let down by top speed though.

Sonny, As cool as the WRX is i would pass, first of all the transmissions are total shit,and second i have driven one around for a weekend(a friend owns a shop and was selling one) honestly I had my fun for the first day or so but after a while the shitty ride kinda wears on ya…Personaly I would without a doubt take the “lightly” used M3…Just my 2 cents…

you misundrstood my post,
the mustang GT is 25,000-26,000 (coupe).
The Ford GT (the “super car”) is 150,000 and hasn’t been released yet.
sorry for the misunderstanding.

There is no $150,000 Mustang. Some of you may have been talking about the Ford GT, which is a remake of the 60’s era LeMans winning GT-40. That car does cost 150 grand. The new 05 Mustang GT which Sonny S mentioned is the redesigned Mustang. The price should remain in line with Mustangs of past years: GT coupe~ 27k, GT vert~ 30k, Cobra coupe~ low 30’s, Cobra vert~ high 30’s. I just bought an 01 Cobra vert with 16k for 23 grand. It’s not as fast as the 03 or 04, but 320hp is not bad. You really just need to decide what is most important to you. I don’t think my car is a true sports car. Sure it’s fast in a straight line, but it doesn’t handle anything like an Evo or WRX does. Then again if handling was the most important thing to me, I wouldn’t have bought any kind of convertible.

Buy a miata with a blown engine if you can find one, (or used) then get the 302 swap kit and you can make any other car on your least eat dust:)

STI, oh and the mini is not turbo its supercharged :slight_smile: Whats with all the ford lovers?

Honda S2000…Hands down the purest, best handling sports car of the bunch.

If you’re going to go the Mustang route, I would only buy an '05. Once that new body style comes out, it’s going to drive the value of the older ones into the ground.

I’d go with either the '05 Mustang, or a slightly used BMW or Audi S4.

Evolution. They are cheap and easy to modify to put down numbers in the high 370-400 horsepower range… if you are into that sort of thing.

Dave876 - Haven’t heard anything about the trannys. Its only been out a couple of years, is that a long enough time frame to judge a car’s reliability?

I also rode in a Wrx recently and it is fun as hell, but I would prob need to ride it for a few days to assess the ride.

My buddy in NJ bought it last year and he’s pissed because he just missed the release date of the Sti!

S2000! Those mutherfuckers are beautiful. Kind of like a poor man’s Porsche, but they perform baby!