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Best Split Workout?

I know there are several workouts posted on this site but they all seem to be full body workouts of some variation. I was looking at “The Art of Waterbury” and I was surprised that the deadlift was not included. I am pretty new to lifting and would say what I am doing now is overtraining, but I have had very good results. I have had great results since I came back from injury 10 weeks ago from an eighteen month break. Started at 24% BF at 214LBS to now I am at 20% BF at 236LBS. I have been eating very heavily and also took Superdrol which helped me put on 14 LBS the first month. I want to be sure I am doing a workout that will keep me pumped and excited because if results. My goals are to get to about 15 % BF and stay near my current weight of 236 or maybe even gain a bit more. I do not have my numbers currently because I workout alone and have not anyone to spot for me. About the only thing I have maxed on is BP and that was 265 3 weeks ago. I am not against a full body workout but I can only workout Monday thru Friday and want to be sure that I really feel it when I leave the gym. If possible maybe give the names of a few successive workouts I can do. So I have more than just two months planned out. I also have all the Supps in order and a great diet. THANKS ALL!!!

Current workout

Monday & Thursday (all 3 x 10)

Flat Bench
Incline Bench
Decline Bench
Dumbell Flyes
Leg Extension
Leg Curls
Calf Raises inner outer straight
Scull Crushers
Tri Extensions

Tuesday & Friday 3 x 10

Military Press
Front Pull Downs or Front Raises
Side Raises
Shoulder Shruggs
Seated Row
Lat Pulldown
Concentration Curls
Barbell Curl inner and outer grip

if you can only workout on M-F, what would be wrong with doing a full body workout 3 of those days of the week?

I used to use the

M - chest
T - back
W - Legs
Th - Arms
F - shoulders/abs

type of split… I was a devout follower of 20-40 sets per muscle group, MORE IS BETTER! well… that was all horsehit!

I didn’t progress at all doing that, I overtrained myself into shambles.

If you’re after something not whole body, I suggest you check out Ian King’s “Super Strength” and “Limping” series of articles as that should occupy your entire weekday schedule.

I am not against a full body workout and I do need to change my current workout becuase I have been on it for 10 weeks. By full body I meant doing the entire body each workout. Each day doing different exercizes but still getting the entire body. I dont like the one body part per day because I want to work each body part out at a minimum of 2 - 3 times per week. With compound exercizes I think I am getting that done 3 - 4 times per week with my split workout.

Opps I guess I didnt read your post to well. That was your old workout not your current. I am down for anything but most of the full body WO are all 1 on 1 off and that ends up with a weekend day included every week. If I can do a Mon Wed Fri full bod that is fine or a Mon Tues Thurs Fri is good also for a split.

hugra, no offense, but that workout blows! It will lead to some overtraining, IMO some small adjustments, like throwing mil press (even though I don’t see the need for them at all after doing inclines) on mon/thurs, and deads on the same day as squats.

In AofW, he has power cleans vs. deads - granted you will not use quite as much weight, but it includes the dead movement +. I only use full body workouts, and the Waterbury Method is the nuts.

He also has ABBH, an upper/lower split, and Quattro Dynamo, 4 times per week full body.

another good one, although not full body, is Dan John’s One Lift a Day. You can find them all easily using search function.

there are literally hundreds of training articles, and many with programs that will fit in a m-f schedule

Thanks for the responses. I am going to start The Art of Waterbury starting on Monday. However instead of doing Mon Wed Fri Sun Tues Thurs Sat… I am just going Mon Wed Fri each week everything else will be to the T. Yea the workout I was doing was just somethig to get me back into things, I knew it wasnt great or even good but it did get me great results for just getting back in the swing of things after a long bout with a damaged nerve. Thanks again!

I would recommend you look at Waterbury’s Total Body Training as well. If you find that you need more volume, the you can also look at a split like this:

M - Upper, Horizontal (bench, rows, etc)
W - Legs, Quad dominant (squats, leg curls, etc)
F - Upper, Vertical (Military Press, Pullups, etc)
Sat - Legs, Hip Dominant (Power Snatch, Deadlift, etc)

I find this and/or a full body workout to be the the most effective for me.

I started The Art of Waterbury yesterday and it went pretty well. It was kind of a pain to just do 3 reps in each set then walk across the gym to do 3 chin ups…but I feel like I got a pretty good workout. After I am into it a few weeks I will have a better idea.

When I do my push press in a squat rack, I will put a bar on the top pins and do my chinsups from their with knees bent. I am short, so if that will not work for you you could get the same effect in a power rack where you could set the pin’s higher. No more walking across the gym! Use a weight belt for added resistance of just hang a dumbell between your legs. Wrap it in a towel so the groves dont eat into your thighs.

What most people fail to realize about a 4 or 5 day split is that you actualy DO hit the muscles more than once. Lets say you hit Legs on Monday…Inevitably using squats. Then on thursday you have your back workout…Inevitably using deadlifts. I DARE you to not work your legs out hard when you hit those deads. Likewise, incline chest hits the shoulders…then you hit them again on shoulder day.

I actually used to use a 5-day split…then stopped. I havent made gaines since, i’m going back to them in 2 weeks, they rule in my opinion.

Well, I think I may have strained my shoulder on the first day. Feels better today but if I do the push press motion it is sore. If I do a bench press motion it is ok. I am going to take it light on any shoulder movements so it will feel better. I think the rest over the weekend will do the trick.

My calfs and hammys feel like they got a pretty good workout. Only thing I feel like I am going to miss is big pumps. Seems like when I am doing all these big movements and not also focusing on muscle groups with multiple exercizes I dont get the pump. I guess I just need to do this for a couple weeks and see if I get results. Going from being in the gym 4 days a week to only 3 makes me feel like I am missing something also. I will have spent just over half the time in the gym with the Art of Waterbury than the workout I was doing before. That is good I guess as long as I see improvements, just psychologically I feel like I am slacking.