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Best Split/Program for Beginner Female

A friend of mine recently asked me to put something together and I realized I had never done this for a woman.

I know there’s a lot of programs out there but most of them are for intermediate. Any of you in here have experience putting something together for a female beginner??

I was thinking 3 to 4 day a week full body with an emphasize on the lower body.

Any help would be appreciated.

I’m currently going through the same dilemma. Wife started working out alternating two workouts. She was crazy strong for a female and doing great but got bored. Now she’s trying out some HIIT stuff. She enjoys keeping her heart rate sky high. Trying to talk her into normal weightlifting with some type of HIIT stuff in between sets.

There is a workout on this site called “hardbody training for women”, might give it a look and see what she thinks.

Does it have to be a “female” beginner programme. Just treat her like a person.

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Anything that works for a guy will work for a woman. No difference.

Just tell them to pick a program that excites her or that looks interesting to her and have her do that.

My wife does Trap Bar Deadlifts, Front Squats and uses DBs, Bodyweight, and machines for all the other work.


you’re serious?

Obviously. The fuck is the idea that women need different programming?

Oh I dunno maybe because they’re women?

Some studies have come out that say they can handle more leg volume than men, therefore some trainers program their routines to incorporate more lower body work vs upper body work,. etc.

But you’re right… I should get her to just focus on bench pressing and arms like most bros.

It’s mostly bullshit. Get her to train on a decent program and she’ll do well. Pretty much every woman I know who gets stronger consistently trains the same as dudes who get stronger consistently.

my apologizes, I should have emphasized the purpose.

It’s purely for physique. Did I post this in the wrong sub?

Same principles apply I think, although what she wants to emphasise might be different to a guy. Check out CTs Hardbody Training for Women,

Any programs that would have you just focusing on bench pressing and arms would be a shitty program. If it’s purely for physique, I like bodypart splits for that. Legs, chest, back, arms/fluff. It’s also important to ask what kind of training she likes - is she a complete beginner to all fitness or does she have a running background, etc.
Quantifying the effectiveness of programs is iffy, but my point is - better to be on an OK routine that she’ll stick with, as opposed to a great routine that she’ll abandon.

100% - the at early stage beginners make very quick apatations regardless of gender. The idea that you need to take on specific work outs for gender at this stage (in my opinion) is wrong. Just big lifts double progression.
If she reaches a point where to progress she needs a gender specific work out then I’d look for one then.

well ok that makes more sense.

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what’s the best way to assess beginner strength? what do I throw on that bar? or do I go body weight exercises first with her?

I haven’t done a beginner program since I was a beginner so I don’t even know anymore.

See how you go. Some stuff she might be already able to handle weight with, some not. Plus it’s for physique so you’ve got a super wide range of stuff to pick so long as it lets her target the right muscles.

Have you considered deferring this responsibility to a professional

And just to clarify, there’s plenty of resources aside from buying training. MegSquats has a program for her mostly female audience, plenty of prgrams in the Powerful Women section, and consulting with a female professional in your area, or a professional experienced with female trainees is always a good start.

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Yes. I"m looking into all of it right now.

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