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Best Split for Type 2B-3?

Coach CT,

Hope your doing great Coach wanted to ask you Coach for the best split for Type 2B(Confident) which have a lot in common with Type 3 which is
3-4 days a week of training per week

For this time being I am more attracted to upper/lower/upper/lower split for the days I workout I feel my best when I have a Day of rest between every workout but for the last two days I could do them back to back since they are not that demanding on the CNS like the start of the week

Does that relate to modulating Cortisol & and adrenaline since I have huge spikes of Anxiety before the workouts these days since I started some new movements this Cycle of training and for my Type is these 3-4 days with some cardio is enough to stimulate good gains .

And if someone is having some Adrenergic Receptor desensitization should drop cardio all together no intervals nor LISS your feedback will be much appreciated