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Best Song Cover Ever.


I'm speechless.


I cried!

That is hilarious.


I always liked this one...


Wow that freakin awesome. Katy Perry would be so proud.


a bit old, but i still think it's pretty good

***the song starts at 2:10


Me too.



Thats a great cover.. trying to download it now.. illegal ol' me


ROFLMAO! HO SHIT! minus the lyrics its sounds like some good old boy bluegrass. You know the kind of shit, you listen to mud bogging.


There are some cool videos in this thread. I'm not a huge fan of this song, but I think this version is neat:




AGREED. his remix of "low" is great too if someone has a working link


found it:


Dude is sick. I like how he actually looks like he's having fun, too.


and with Borat on lead vocals...........


LOL, I was going to say the same thing.

This video is fucking great.


vastly better than journey could have ever dreamed of doing.


sounds like an awesome drinking song

viva ukraine


Camron - Just Us (journey cover)

this is definately my favorite song right now

Satyricon - I Got Erection

its a cover of Turbonegro


not sure if this counts as a cover but

Deftones + Adam Sandler + the dude from Incubus

Drive (acoustic)

Sonic Youth - Superstar


This is an awsome cover of a genises song by disturbed exactly what this song needed

hope you enjoy