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Best Sneaker for the Gym?


all these foamy soft sneakers are killing my feet, whats a good sneaker to wear at the gym…help please.


Chuck Taylors/Converse All Stars




Second VANS. All the functionality of the chucks without looking like a 13 year old hippie girl.


Just a 13 year old skater boy instead, haha.


I’m a 3rd for Vans. Best shoe for everything gym related and you only have to tie them once

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Personally, I’m a Chucks guy as well.


New balance minimus

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Really enjoying some reeboks crossfit speed at the moment, very solid



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DC hightops are favorite


Since I’ve tried Chucks I use them for everything but front squats and O-lift (yeah even for crossfit WODs)

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The old canvas Dunlop Volleys, had the same pair for last 10 years or so!


To actually offer something, I love both the Nike MetCons and the Reebok CrossFit shoes.

The later Reebok’s (like the Nano 6 and up) seem a lot more stable than the earlier ones - they opened up the shoe and put more surface area across the middle arch; I really like them.

The Nike MetCons, in my opinion, are a little more well-rounded. Hypothetically, I feel like I could even run in these (me running is a huge hypothetical - “waddle” maybe?).

In the early versions, I liked the Nike better; now I think I like Reebok better. Both come in awesome colors, but for awhile Nike had some that were UNC branded so I could pretend I was 20 and on the football team - definite decision-maker.

I’ve never tried the Vans/ Chucks, but they’re definitely cheaper.

By way of credibility, my wife calls me a “shoe and purse girl”.

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That’s why I don’t want either. I squat and bench in Nike Romaleos but my deadlift shoes are some sort of Converse tennis shoes, they have a thin, flat sole like Chucks but aren’t nearly as ugly and they have good grip too. There are various shoes of that sort and they would work just fine. Wrestling shoes are good too.

As far as Chucks go, there are all black ones and all black leather ones that both look OK, I would wear those.


I wear Altama Maritime Assaults. They’re a military shoe made for Navy Seals, basically a beefed up water proof chuck taylor, but far superior for squatting. They are my go-to shoe, I literally wear them for everything… hiking through rocky/mountainous terrain, jogging, swimming in rivers, 700+ lb squats… No question the best shoe I’ve ever owned. Only caveat is that they definitely need an insole for day-to-day use. The stock rubber insole is great for squatting but not very soft since it’s designed to be water proof.

Disclaimer… I’m not at all “buy all things military surplus to look tough and manly” kind of guy, a friend of mine is an army vet and introduced me to them. They’re just a really awesome shoe that happens to be made for the military.

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Chucks are always solid. I hear Vans might last longer for wider stanced squatters.

Rebook powerlifter shoe ( the 2 previous models ) did not hold up as well as I would of liked.

Currently on my last pair of 2nd gen Rebook powerlifter shoe, then probably going back to leather chucks or vans after.

I also have some rando reebok pair for benching that is amazing. Grips like a mofo, just sadly doesn’t cover the ankle or would be awesome for squats.


I like Adidas indoor soccer shoes. This was unintentional, as I just had them in my gym locker and forgot my usual workout shoes.

They are flat, low profile, and offer a bit more support than Vans/Chuck Taylors.