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Best Snatch Method?

What is in your opinion a better snatch technic? the bulgarian method where you hit the bar with your body in the end of the pull or the russian technique where the bar needs to be as close as you can to the body and you “just” pull it up?

I would love if Christian Thibaudeau
would adress this topic.

p-s :sorry on my English

I think you are confusing the Russian/Soviet technique with the Bulgarian.

I was taught by my Russian coach that you should pop your hips and “ping” the bar, and he made me practice it multiple times with an empty bar until I could send the bar flying up fast just by popping my hips into it. One of the more advanced and serious lifters said that when he was learning his coach made him do this so much that he pissed blood. My upper groin was sore for some time, but I never pissed any blood, thankfully. I was also told that this was a distinctively Soviet technique.

But as to which technique is better, it depends too much on the individual athlete to say categorically one way of the other. I don’t know how widespread either technique is among other countries; i.e. how do the Chinese,Turks, Iranians, etc. snatch. That might provide a clue as to whether one is generally better than the other.

If you ever watch old tapes of Iurik Vardanian, one of the best lifters of the Soviet era, you’ll notice that he does nothing of the sort. In fact, it almost seems that he has no explosion whatever when he snatches. And yet he is one of the sport’s greats.

I wonder what his son’s snatch technique is like…

i belive that the chinese dont use
the “hit or"ping” with the hips at all
and the bulgarian and russion use diffrent ways to snactch dipending
on wieght class the lifter is in.
{like markov how doesnt give ahit
to the bar as oppose to galabin boevski
that does hit the bar with the hips}
my quastion is what is better biomecahnicly? where is more possible
to lift more wieght?

I’m not sure who it is, but it may be a common consensus that you’re not supposed to teach the bump, it’s supposed to come naturally, and if you are extending your hips properly (as you become more flexible and the like)and if you keep the bar close enough… you WILL develope the bump.

I noticed that I developed the bump when I started using heavier weights.

What are the factors that cause the bump as you get better at the OLys?

I haven’t got it yet, but my lifts are still low. I suspect that it has a lot to do with not extending the back during the first pull, thus making the hip extension bigger on the second. Is this right?

Don’t know much about technique here, but I do know that Alexeev snatch-threw a 220 pound barbell over and behind him 100 times as a warmup. I think this would require a bump, however I also know that Tarenenko practiced cleans with a setup of 2x4s so that the trajectory was absolutely straight up.

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And yes, its the triple extension thing I believe that causes the bump. I think coach staley touched on it in his snatch article series.

The bulgarians finish the pull with their shoulders behind the bar which means the bar will make contact higher on the body. Where as some soviet lifters like Vardanian finish with more of a straight up trajectory with minimal contact with the body. He has his son do a lot of “no thouch” snatches. World records have been broken with both techniques. Cranking back puts more wip on the bar but the trade off is it moves farther away from the body. Remember that the bulgarians stay out over the bar untill the very top. Many lifters make the mistake of driving thier hips through to soon, cranking back, and pushing the bar out front.

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mertdawg wrote:
Don’t know much about technique here, but I do know that Alexeev snatch-threw a 220 pound barbell over and behind him 100 times as a warmup.

Is this rumor still alive? Trust me, the 350lb. egomaniac would have passed out long before reaching 100 reps with 100kgs., or tore the skin off his hands. Whichever came first.

[quote]Ajax wrote:

I wonder what his son’s snatch technique is like…[/quote]

Color me disturbed.

Wether or not the lifter goes on to be someone who bumps heavily or not doesn’t matter that much in my opinion. The main thing to learn from bumping is to aggressively force the hips forward. My coach started all his lifters with a bump. Just a bump. Bumping hard enough to bump the bar away from the body. His thinking was it would be easier to teach a someone with a hard bump to back off, than it would be to teach a lifter with a “passive” second pull to be aggressive. He started me out the same way. As I progressed my bump lightened up. But if a weight was giving me a problem, he would have me do a pull with a heavy bump (no arm bend) to get the feel of aggressively moving my hips into the bar. It seemed to work.