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Best Smoothie Blender?

I just received and am sending back my third blender. I’m trying to find an affordable blender that can crush ice to the consistency of a commercial smoothie. Any suggestions?


Stop acting like a fairy and eat some real food rather than a smoothie. Nah just kidding.

Did you check consumer reports? Also if you go on amazon.com in their kitchen section lots of people write reviews, and amazon is offering a hell of a deal on some stuff for the holiday season.

RIT Jared

vita mix

Like most things you get what you pay for. Affordable and a good ice crusher probably doesn’t exist. We went through several lower end models that would smoke and burn up the motors. A few years ago, I got my wife a Waring blender. They are not fancy (only come with 2 speeds), not cheap, and are pretty solid (I think it had a 5 year warranty). Anyway you can make great smoothies or forzen drinks all night long and this think won’t get tired.

second the waring blender nomination. had the same problem with blenders being unable to handle crushing ice and making thick drinks drinkable. try a Commercial restaraunt store, I work at a restaraunt and just went to the place the owner goes, called “The Restaraunt Store”. got a great blender for $100, they’ll help you out. This things a beast, I was actually excited to get home and throw stuff in it. go with the commercial grade and you wont be sorry.