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Best Sleep Aid Supplements


Does anyone have experience with sleeping aid supplements that can be purchased without a prescription? I've tried ZMA but it doesn't help me get to sleep (it did help me feel better rested though). I am interesting in some of the other options: melatonin, etc.


Biotest Z-12 works great for me.


I've tried this as well, it's not bad but doesn't quite do the trick for me. Was looking for something a little more powerful (not sure if that exists).


Fix what is wrong in your life. Your body is telling you something and you are ignoring it. Sleeping pills are not the answer.


x2, but Melatonin or GABA are excellent purchases if you do end up buying something


Thanks, I agree under most circumstances. I sleep very well for the most part. I usually get to bed at 10 or 11 and I'm at at 6 or 7 like clockwork most days. However, there are some times when I've got a lot of stress at work and can't seem to relax at night. For nights like that I'd love a supplement to help me relax and get to bed a bit earlier instead of laying awake thinking about work.


Thanks, they seem to be the most popular choices around.


Try meditation. I have no probs sleeping myself as I'm able to shut off my mind to external stresses, but I realize this is not an easy thing to do. My gf meditates for about 10 mins before bed and she swears by it. Lots of research on the benefits of it as well. I'm sure it would be a better option than masking the problem with a supplement. But to each their own.


A buddy of mine has been meditating as well and he gave me a good started book on it. This is definitely something that I have been interested in because I am the type of person who carries stress around. If I've got something hanging over my head at work or home, etc I simply can't relax until it's complete. I can't even enjoy a vacation if I don't take care of all my outstanding tasks before leaving for vacation.

It's sometimes a good problem to have because it's given me a lot of motivation and focus in the business world, but it's also a curse for the obvious reasons.

I definitely would like to look into meditation a bit more, but it takes a lot of time and practice from what I've been told.


Valerian is a decent herb-based formula I've used in the past.


It's called Ganja. Google it.


HA. This will definitely put you to sleep(steer clear if you're dieting, though; munchies are a bitch). But for the less groggy route I occasionally get a sleep aid that contains valerian, 5-htp, GABA, and melatonin, though I don't like to rely on it for too long. Hot bath/jacuzzi and an orgasm couldn't hurt either.




GABA doesn't cross the blood brain barrier, its efficacy is questionable.

Glycine, however, seems to work, as does 5-HTP, I haven't seen any info that these don't cross.

Melatonin, ZMA, Valerian are other viable options.


i find ganja to be a great cure for the grogginess brought on by ganja.


Time release melatonin works great for me.

Another idea, recall seeing this the other day.

"Why sleepiness is not always caused by a lack of sleep"

From the article:

"However, could there be a link between blood sugar imbalance and poor sleep? The answer to that question in my view is an unequivocal ?yes?.

One of the effects of low blood sugar is to cause the body to attempt to top up blood sugar levels internally, through the release of sugar from the liver. To do this, the body can ramp up activity in the so-called ?sympathetic nervous system?, which plays an integral part in the stress response. The body can also release stress hormones such as adrenaline (epinephrine) that simulate sugar release too.

An activated stress response ain?t so good for sleep. At the very best it will impair the depth of sleep and our ability to feel truly rested. Worse than that, though, is its habit of waking people up at about 3.30 ? 4.00 am and then not letting them get back to sleep again until about half an hour before their alarm goes off.

I?ve found in practice that rectifying blood sugar imbalance with a ?primal?, relatively low-carb diet does wonders for improving energy and mood. And within a couple of weeks, it will have usually sorted out any craving for the carbohydrate-rich foods that usually are the cause of the problem in the first place."


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I've tried a handful of things, and melatonin has worked the best for me. ZMA seemed to improve the quality of my sleep, but it didn't help me get to sleep. Most things that were comparable to melatonin as far as helping me get to sleep made me sleepy when I awoke. Depending on how much I take, melatonin can do that too, but it's not as bad.


GBL is the chrome wheel cleaner? how much of that do you take? and it works like ghb?


50-100mg of Benadryl (works well for a once in a while thing but start off with 50mg). High doses of magnesium (I have taken like 2-4grams of magnesium sulfate and it helps a lot). Ambien works very well (Rx of course).