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Best Size/Strength Program For Intermediate Lifter?

What would you guys say the best program is for getting size and strength for an intermediate lifter?

Wk 1 start work at 50% of max for 5s. Increase weight 20lbs ea set. Stop when you get to a weight you know you won’t get 5.

Wk 2 same thing using triples

Wk 3 same thing using doubles

300lb bencher example:
Wk1 155/175/195/215/235x5 stop
Wk2 155/175/195/215/235/255x3 stop
Wk3 155/175/195/215/235/255/275x2 stop
Wk4 Bodybuilding only. Keep it light high reps.

Hit required reps each week. Don’t attempt a weight for the reps unless you know for sure you’ll get them. Start cycle over after week 4.

Extremely simple and effective. No calculator needed. Just put in the work.


Any program you can consistently follow, progress and recover on.