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Best Singlet for the Money?


I have a meet, and I want a powerlifting singlet that doesn’t ride up my crotch like I’ve heard. As well as thick straps. And, if possible, anything that doesn’t make me look fat, I know, it’s messed up to think that way fam. I’ve heard about the Titan Triumph and I was about to get it. But, I thought I’d ask here, first.



The cheapest one you like the look of. Embrace the wedgie. If you want to look less fat, do something about being less fat.


Haha, true. I’ve been working on losing weight. Just always been kinda insecure about my body despite being a guy.


Don’t worry about it. You’re the only person who gives a crap (I can tell you because I’ve been there). No soft suit will ever make anyone look like anything other than a powerlifter. Also, be careful if you get a Titan or a new Inzer as I believe they have a second layer of fabric in the crotch. Some federations won’t allow that in the raw division. I personally like my Metal suit - and it’s actually the one designed for equipped benching, so it’s got massive cuts under the arms. Also very short legs. Although, Metal make another suit with wide straps and longer legs.

All being said and done, get the cheapest one you like the look of.