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Best Single Word For 'Cardio Fitness'?


... "not getting winded chasing down your dog, or climbing a flight of stairs, or carrying a bag of mulch, etc."? Basically good cardiovascular fitness (?).

As in:

- Strong
- Muscular
- Lean
- Healthy
- (insert single word here)

I like keeping things simple and I haven't been able to come up with that last word.



you mean..being " fit "...or having the fitness of a 7 year old girl? Lol, climbing a flight of stairs shouldn't get you tired dude unless your seriously unfit and unhealthy. I'd chuck fit...in there... :smiley:


how about.... COCKDIESEL?


What about "not getting winded being chased by a crazed guard dog, up a flight of stairs, while carrying the contents of the safe, etc?" Brave, stupid or a theiving bastard with good cardio :stuck_out_tongue:




Oh shit I can't cast a spell, my mana is running low!!!!