Best Single Supplement?

Although I’ve seen results from some supplements (Alpha Male for a while, Zinc and Magnesium and Vitamin C) the two things that make 90% of the difference for me when I am faithul to them are not really suppliments:

  1. Post workout meal
    Surge is good-take 2-but for now I mix 3/4 gallon of cold water with 10 grams of creatine, 1 gram vitamin C, 500 mg magnesium, 60 grams hydrolized whey and a little over a half cup of honey. It’s dilute enough I can start sipping during my workout and I will finish it off over the hour after my workout.

  2. Extra sleep. I can usually get the same effect as from Alpha Male if I get an extra 8 hours of sleep on a weekend with no training. That would be two regular 8 hour nights and an EXTRA 8 hours of real sleep during the weekend.

I would use Ester Creatine. Why you ask?

1 - Meat is expensive and I don’t cook much.

2 - If I need a post workout supp I’ll go to SubWay and eat a foot long tuna sandwich on wheat. Loaded with spinach leaves, tomatoes, olives, and double helpin of tuna. Mmmmmm… Tuna

3 - If I need a pre workout supp, I’ll eat two bananas, chicken sandwich, and a couple of glasses of milk.

4 - If I need protein, carbs, fats, etc… I’ll just eat the damn things.

5 - Don’t need ZMA, that’s what red wine is for.

CREATINE is key for muscle stimulation and growth. YOU NEED IT!!!

That said,
Man I could go for a delicious foot long, tuna sub from SubWay right now… (Biting lip)!!!