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Best Single Ply Bench Shirt on the Market


I only have experince with the RAGE X single shirts. So since I can only comment on that I would love to hear what others may have to say. The back is loose so you can put it on without much of a hassle. The arms a long for my body type I spend most of my time trying to pull the sleeves up for the AAU rules. What I'm looking for is something with alot of pop off the chest.


Anything single ply goes automatically to Titan Support Systems, their katana, fury, F6 are awesome shirts.

2 ply gear is another story, Metal Ace Pro bench Shirt is good, Inzer Super Duper Phenom

I keep hearing Overkill shirts are awesome but I have yet to find the number for the guy that makes them since has yet to post a website.


titan, best single ply shirts on the market. bout to pick up an f6


The super katana seems to be the cadillac 1-ply shirt for now. While it is amusing to me that this is a 1-ply shirt- material is as thick as the old Boss suits and the neck is probably though enough to use as a tow strap- it is IPF legal and probably passes muster in the AAU. I have tried a friend's before and it is pretty radical. That said, in my limited 1-ply shirt experience (Rage X, F6, and Superkatana), I think I liked the F-6 best.


Super Katana. Jackass (Mark Bell) pressed 832 in a single ply Super Katana. It's not the easiest to use, but gives plenty.


Well didnt jackass help design it? If he did he would def. be able to use it the best. some of the ipf rules IMO are so ridiculous [the shirt equipment rules regarding superkatana material] that its like "So I can use the super katana, but not a suit like lets say the boss suit?" i dont get it. I know this might be a little off topic, but regarding to ipf legal meterial, I wonder how my viking ipf squatter passes? It seems stronger than the centurians, and gives more carryover. I can hit 450 twice in my suit and my old partners could do that once and they were ALOT stronger than me. It just seems weird i suppose.

sorry for long rant


Super Katana ftw, it's a love/hate relationship since it's absurd. Anyone that has used it knows what I mean by that.


WOW, I have to say that suprises me. I have a Titan deadlift suit that I can not to this day get into and that is my only experience with titan well that an it takes 3months to get there gear from the time I oredered it.

But it seems from the response they are the Single ply kings. I was told that the RAGE X was designed from there Katana shirt not sure how true this is. I may have to give it a try. Since I'm in the market for a new shirt. Outside of there main web site any ideas where I can buy one off the rack that will not take months to arive. I have a meet in DEC.




This. Ken will get the shit to you in a few days.


YOU GUYS "ROCK" ON THIS ONE. I train solo with some off on training partners but known of us have much experience with the shirts. I'm aware of using the boards to save the shirt for the meet but how much and how far out should I use the shirt for the DEC MEET.


What is your training style?, I am a disciple of metal militia so I train in my shirt all year around, three weeks straight followed by a week off.

What type of shirt are you getting?

If its an advanced shirt like the Super Katana you need to start practicing in it as soon as possible.
Train in a power rack with pins set below your chest and above your face, because from what you told me about your buddies they might know when to jump in and help you; by then the bar is on your face or your stapled to the bench.


If you're getting a ordinary or super Katana, don't save it for the meet. Wear it often. Touch in it often. It'll stretch a little, but it's very durable material. We've got Katana's with over 50 wears that still fit tight. The hardest part is below one board height; it locks up a ridiculous amount. You'll shortchange your carryover and probably bomb if you don't get some touches in.


Well thats the mustard on this training cycle I started doing Wendlers 5/3/1. So since Jan I have been lifting raw. My plan was to get the Katana and break it in on my Bench days after I do my sets break out the shirt and go 3board/ 2 board touch. Since the meet is in DEC I'm aware I don't have a whole lot of time.