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Best Simple First Cycle

Whats the best most simplest cycle to look asethic ?

For a kid, Zeroooooooo

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i have 1000 on my powermeeting lifts so this justifies that i can use shiiish


Ok I will bite, just out of curiosity and boredom I will bite.

We need some basic background info before we can give input. It is very easy to accidentally hurt someone with a bad recommendation when we don’t know their background.

To start how old are you?
How long have you been training?
Style of training?
Height, weight and approximate body fat?
What type of supplements have you used and how did that go?
What do you want out of this cycle (I know you said aesthetic or I assume that, there was a typo)
but you need to be more specific about it. Like do you want to concentrate on definition, strength, a significant change in body composition, do you want to gain as much as possible or do you want to stay in a given weight range?
And in conjunction with prior question, what are you looking for long term? (You can pull the old “just one and done” cycle but we all know that no one sticks to that so don’t bother, once you jump in it takes something significant to get you out. You will run multiple cycles.)
Are you drug tested for performance enhancing compounds?

Fill out the questionnaire and we will respond appropriately.

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Gram of Tren Ace ED… no regratz


Use the search function. You will find the same answer to this question over and over. Your lifts are not a justification of AAS but then again what is. FYI that’s not impressive so I wouldn’t throw it out there anyway. Good luck in your search. Once you have a plan together and some answers to the questions ‘now_i_care’ posted then you will probably get some feedback that’s constructive.

He’s 15.

This thread is done.

Kid, if you post in the Pharma forum again, your account will be restricted.