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Best Shoulder Exercise


Which shoulder exercise gave you guys the best results?


A combination of overhead pressing and isolation work (lateral raises and rear delt raises).


Bicep curls. Wait-that's not the name-sometimes I get them confused. Sorry, couldn't resist. The best shoulder exercise (to the extent a generalization is possible) is the too-often avoided overhead press.


Clean & Press hits the whole delt and it's a full body movement.


I'll take a hand stand push up.
Followed by a military press, clean & press, arnold press, laterals.

The answer to that question is probably whatever one works for you.


Db Press


The hand stand push up is great. I've been putting on a weighted belt while I do these.You should try them.I'm sure you'll be pretty sore the next day.


A lot of people actually avoid the overhead press? Thats weird.I never thought that workout to be dangerous.


Mr. Push Ups, you're asking for it. I don't think handstand pushups are that great in my opinion, range of motion sucks and it's mostly triceps.


asking for what? your opinion of my opinion. lol

don't do hanstand push ups guys. they suck and only work your tri's. do what X-Factor says is best for you. he knowws your body better than you do.


If you do handstand push-ups (each arm on a chair) you will get a full range of motion.

My best shoulder exercise is the one-arm snatch, followed by the standing press.


my range is fine, i do mine between chairs. how do you do yours?

mostly triceps for you maybe, for me its mostly delts


Snatch high pulls with bands and steep incline closegrip bench.


I know your body better than you!Lol.


I really like standing military presses, though my current favorite shoulder exercise is the cuban press. I think its really made a difference in my overall shoulder development since I began doing it.


Funny reply. I just started doing these and find it hits both pretty well.


Ever tried them weighted?


Interesting. I broke my hand about 2 months ago and while the cast was on I started doing one-arm DB snatches, lowering the eccentic slowly to my shoulder. I noticed I could use alot more weight than I could DB press overhead. Maybe there is something to that.

Anyone think overhead squats, drop snatches, or snatch-grip push presses behind the neck are up there? Overhead squats are the only exercise that ever make my medial delts sore. I only feel overhead presses in the anterior head.


Clean & Push Press


I find hand stand pushups very hard, i can do 15 clap pushups and 40 push ups but find, hand stand pushups hard, how do you work your way up to more?.