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Best Shoulder Exercise = Lunges


I've neer gotten sore shoulders since day one of my training some 14 years ago. I've done it all. Pre-exhaust, post-exhaust, high reps, low reps, 10x10 military presses, cable laterals, even super slow training!!!

Only one workout has ever given me sore shoulders, and they were DAMN sore!! WALKING DUMBELL LUNGES!! 3-4 sets of 6-10 with 110lb dumbells and the next couple days my delts got some serious DOMS.

Anyone else ever experience this?


Yes! I have had some serious delt damage with snatch squats too.


Yes. Lunges do it to my shoulders every time.


...overhead squats...


I'm sorry, but being sore is not the best indicator of whether a workout is going to provide results. Sounds like you are just in poor condition, you need more GPP. If you can't carry some heavy dumbells around without being super sore, then you've got some weak links.


No shit about soreness not being a good indicator of a productive workout. I never said that. Can't you people ever read a post without adding words to it?

As for the GPP, I'm well beyond GPP work. I'd bury you in the gym without breaking a sweat.

To explain the soreness, lunges make you contract your shoulders from the stretch position of a side lateral movement with about 3-4 times the weight you'd normally use for multiple sets and reps. It'd be like a person that normally uses 80lb dumbells for incline dumbell presses, holding 260lb dumbells statically in the stretch position for 3-4 sets of 60-120 seconds per set. Think you'd be sore?

Now back when I used pansy weights like 50-60lb dumbells, I didn't get so sore, but just give a try with the 110's for 3-4 sets of 6-10 reps (in about 10 years when you get to that strength level) then tell me if you get sore.


Chill out bro, he was just making sure you weren't misinformed. And to help out with the dead shoulders try doing lower rep, higher set protocals. Maybe your shoulders aren't strong enough from all the lighter weight, mid rep training.


Well, You never know with all the idiots that come on here what the hell they're thinking.

Wow, I'm impressed. You must be all knowing. I'd like to see you bury me with GPP work, but this is the internet, where pissing contests reach superhuman proportions. You know jack shit about me, so the forum pissing contest is just retarded.

I'm still not convinced. I really don't care how strong you are, I just am saying that you should be able to walk around with heavy dumbells without it killing you, and if it does, then you've got some weak areas that need to be addressed. Everyone has weak links somewhere, its not a matter of pride, it's just fact.


Farmers Walks as GPP would be the same thing, maybe the people here were just trying to make a point. I like most of your posts and we are almost exactly the same size(193@13% done with a Lange caliper at @5'6") but you seemed to come off bad on this one.

Later, T


I think we found out what happened to DieselWiesel.

Remember, he also had a couple of posts that showed some knowledge of some stuff, then got all crazy and offended when anyone said anything contradictory?

"Best Shoulder Exercise = Lunges"?????

I know of a couple 'shoulder exercises' that are better. I also know of some other non shoulder specific exercises that will produce large shoulders; deadlifts, hack squats, farmer walks; all of which should enable you to use more weight than what you use with lunges.

And yes, it did appear that you judge the effectiveness of your workout, or an exercise by how sore you get from it.


Ok then, why did you title this:

Best Shoulder Exercise = Lunges

Have you seen good gains in shoulder size and strength from doing lunges?


I asked a simple yes or no question (Anyone else ever experienced this?)and was told I'm out of shape and need some GPP!?!?!?!? What the fuck??

I apologize if I offended anyone by defending myself. After 14 years of training and gut busting work to get to a level of conditioning that allows me to do 45 minute, heavy compound, total body workouts with timed 30-60 second rests...I do get a bit TESTy when some fat-ass calls me out of shape and says I need GPP. Sometimes when a person gets pissed they say stupid shit. Sorry!


[quote]SWR-1222D wrote:
I think we found out what happened to DieselWiesel.


Was he the bending/ripping guy? That cat was fucking hilarious! I've never laughed so hard as I did watching his bending videos!

That guy was the epitomy of HARDCORE!!!!


To answer your original question, no I have never felt soreness in my delts the day after lunges. I do sometimes feel it in my traps though after heavy lunges or step-ups with dumbells.....

.... shit maybe I need to do more GPP!


The title says: "Best Shoulder Exercise = Lunges"

Fucking idiot.


Dear Fucking Idiot,

It was just a title to get people to read the post.



Go fuck yourself. Seriously. If you are so thin skinned as to get offended by constructive critisicm that wasn't intended in a negative way, then you're a hot headed tool who needs to learn that there's more to life than being a know it all.

I've read your posts. Why don't you video yourself doing those 185lb clean and presses? Since you're such a badass, go ahead. Put up of shut up. BUT, we do reserve the right to laugh our asses off if you resemble DieselWeasel


I don't have a video camera. Here's the shoulders that do the pressing.


I forgot the picture...


Regardless of what you are able or what you think about shoulder exercises, you sound like a housewife on the rag in this post.
Might want to keep that in check.