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Best Shoes for Weighted Vest Walks?

I have recently incorporated a predawn weighted walk around my neighborhood for the last few weeks. I used to mostly do a morning airdyne ride but i am finding getting outside in the cold dark air is refreshing and almost relaxing for me. That said i am wondering if regular running shoes are ok to wear if doing a 40lb 2 to 3 mile walm every morning? Should i invest in some hiking like boots for this? I just don’t want to destroy me feet or legs down the road if running shoes are a bad choice.

Dude, its walking. How much do you weigh that you think walking is going to jack you up?


I sometimes do a 2 mile walk with a weight vest. I wear more like comfortable walking shoes but running shoes would be fine. Despite the extra weight, this is very low impact and would cause less damage than running on cement without a weight vest.

Running shoes should be good, so long as they’re not ultra light or anything oriented like that… maybe go stability oriented if you have issues. I try to throw a 50lb vest on for walking the dog, some old running shoes with a good insole work great. I usually wear really minimalist shoes walking around (feel great driving stick with), if I wear those with a vest it really pisses off my knees. My knees and ankles are probably wussier than the average T-Nationer though.

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Thanks. Yeah i think my current shoes are a bit worn. Felt pretty unstable. Maybe ill look into just a new pair of running shoes vs more boot like. I appreciate it!

One thing to consider is to have a pair of shoes just for conditioning/weight vest walking. That will help whatever shoe you choose last longer.

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Why? Do you think that adding weight to your upper body means your feet should have more weight on them too?


Go barefoot

I generally wear brown one’s although red one’s tend to give a bit of extra pep in my step hope this helps