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Best Shoes for Squats?


Whats a good pair of shoes for leg pressing ei., Squats?


Chuck Taylor. Hands down.


a good set of Olympic Weightlifting shoes are the best for squats...especially if you are going to be doing deep squats. Try Nike or Werksan. If you are going to be doing Powerlifter type Squats (just to around parallel) then Chuck
Taylor's suffice.


From what I've gathered many Bodybuilders prefer shoes with a thicker heal ie combat boots, running shoes and the power lifters like like a flatter shoe like chuck taylors. I used runners for years but just switched to vans. They have a flat soul for added stability.


Nike Frees


Tall work boots.


What stance do you use? Wide - go for Chucks, narrow - go for weightlifting shoes. For leg pressing wear a pair of workboots coupled with denim hotpants and a sleeveless flannel shirt.


I'm a narrow stance squatter and go deep. These shoes by Adidas have worked great for me:


The heel support is what it's all about. I use to tran and compete with Safe squat boots/shoes which have a flat sole and heel just like Chuck Taylor's. The Adidas shoes made a big difference in stability and support especially with front squatting.


Have you tried feet?


yeah how about barefoot


Whoops, I meant Adidas, not Nike. I have a pair and they are great. Downside...they cost $150.

I understand that Do-Win is a good shoe and relatively cheap. You can get them from Wichita Weightlifting....They look pretty sharp (see pic):


Yeah, I've always wondered where that fashion statement came from....The Village People perhaps?


Those are what I use.

I like them. :slightly_smiling:


-If u got the $$ to spend then get some shoes.
-If u got a little $$ to spend, get some All Stars.
-If ur broke (like me), use flip-flops and take them off when you squat.


I squated and pulled in chucks for years while powerlifting. Now I wear the Nike frees, but now I mainly do OHS and front squats.


I don't use shoes! I train at home though.



Power lifters want to be as close to the floor as possible and so will train barefoot or use wrestling shoes (they are cheep)

the combat boots are for the bodybuilding hard core dudes (they go heavy too)

Use what's comfortable and affordable...

Also if you go to a gym check there rules many require shoes or ban combat boots and so on...


Do you guys seriously train in combat boots?

Hahaha, I'm sorry, but that's one of the most ridiculous mental images I've ever conjured.

I use some old pair of Adidas indoor soccer shoes. Very little support, almost like bare feet. I would argue that your choice of shoe makes -very- little difference.


I do what he described.
It's actually kind of liberating, like free-balling except less disgusting to most of the gym-goers.