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Best Shape of My Life to Kidney Failure


In 2013 I was 350 lbs. I started eating right and doing mostly cardio. A little over a year later I got more serious, I started the Ketogenic diet and started a high intensity routine that really gave me results. I was taking Synedrex as well as ESP and protein. In 2016 I was 213 lbs, I started getting sick and ended up in the hospital with Wegner’s disease, it’s a disease that restricts the blood flow to the vital organs in your body, in my case it attacked my kidneys. I was put on Chemo pills, antibiotics, steroids, lasix, and blood pressure meds. Now I asked my dr if the supplement caused it, he said they didnt help but it definately wasnt the cause. So now I am back up to 280, I took myself off of the scripts because I felt worse on that crap than anything. I can’t have a lot of protein, of course not taking any supplements. The keto worked best for me but now I cant do it I feel like I am back at square one. Any advice would be a big help.


You dont need to be in keto to lose weight. Just eat sensibly and control your portions.

I recommend you sign up with John Berardi’s coaching program. It will teach you long term strategies and they are not going to ram 200g of protein down your throat.

Best of luck with everything


Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis (formerly known as Wegener’s–that name has fallen into disfavor because Dr. Wegener was a Nazi) is a very rare, very serious condition. Untreated, the 2-year mortality rate is ~90%. Thus, if you did in fact take yourself off all your meds, I would urge you to re-consider this course of action. Instead, work with your doctor (preferably a rheumatologist–the specialist who deals with this sort of disease) to find a drug regimen that minimizes your side effects, thereby allowing you both to live and enjoy doing so.


Felt sorry…remember you in my prayers…