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Best Shaker Bottle


Looking to see what others recommend. I need some new ones.


Best I've used is GNC Pro Performance, it has the swirly red mixer thing under the cap that goes about half-way down the shaker. I do not recommend Blender Ball shakers, I've had two plastic covers break on me.


I use a gatorade bottle and a funnel (generally a rolled up piece of paper) add water and shake 5 seconds.


I use a regular plastic container with a spout; I added a sphere of tie-wire to make a cheap shaker bottle.


I use the ones from GNC that are about 20 oz. and come with the swirly balls inside.


I use a 3 dollar one from walmart, its cheap, it works, I like it, although sometimes I wish it were bigger.


Don't we all.


I use Optimum Nutrition's bottles. Wide mouth, large capacity and pretty inexpensive.... However, the flip caps crack and subsequently leak. But I definitely get my $5 worth from them.

I also recently bought a blender bottle. So far I really like it, but I've only had it a few weeks so I can't say anything about it's durability.


I use the one from GNC that takes triple A batteries.


The blender bottle with the little metal whisk. That thing is beast at breaking up protein


Blender Bottle.



Sturdy, easy wash and practical. Love it!



I'm not sure what you are doing with yours, but none of my 4 have ever broken.

Maybe you should take care of your stuff?


my bottles are starting to smell. i was hoping to get something that wont take on odor. like a nalgeen or a stainless steel bottle


What do you think I'm doing with it, throwing it across the room?


I've learned using a normal shaker bottle with a couple of ice cubes put in it works just as well as a blender bottle.


me too , very the best shaker

good solution, a good mix of supplements.

a bit noisy vacuum, but hey, it's not the same horror when lol


I have two of the walmart Body Fortress shaker bottles.

I wonder how cheap the plastic is. Leave it sitting wet long enough and it smells funky.

I wouldn't mind paying a bit more for a stainless steel or nalgene bottle.


I have the same problem. According to Tupperware, a way to remove smells from plastic containers is to ball up a couple sheets of newspaper and enclose it inside the container for a few days (up to a week even). Supposedly, carbon in the newsprint will absorb the smell. Alternative: a charcoal bricquette (sp?)

I found this info using Google, and am trying newspaper right now.


I've seen ones with built in blenders in the cup. Look pretty snazzy...