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Best SARMS on TRT?

Hello friends,

I’m on TRT and doc always watch bloodwork every month…

I would like to add some SARMS :
(LGD or RAD140 or YK11?)
I don’t want SARMS suppression of test level,because I’m in low dosage of test TRT.

What do you think about it?

Sarms can suppress natural T production. There is no reason that a Sarm would supress T levels when the source is exogenous.

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Yeah I don’t understand some topics people say SBHG test down with TRT.

Well some of them can definitely throw off SHBG and cause your numbers to look different. That being said, I’ve had blood work that showed my SHBG at one number and then four months later it was half that, with no change to my trt protocol and no additional drugs. So a wide variation is possible, which gives you plausible deniability. But doc does bloods every month? That’s rough.

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France is so fun, remember :wink:

OKAY friends,
So I have : RAD-LGD-YK11

what is best for don’t change SHBG and no liver affect ?
Because I often use AAS, so my liver need to be calm :slight_smile:

Take TUDCA. It’s one of the few supplements shown to not only protect the liver, but reverse damage.

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Best sarm for trt= none