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Best, Safest Yohimbe and Sex


Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has experience using yohimbe for stronger erections and delaying ejactulation and if so what brand did you use?

I am presently taking Alpha Male. Its certainly helped with my erections and bodyfat loss! The only problem is its kind of expensive. If anyone has any suggestions as what to take for lasting longer I would appreciate it.



Twin Labs Male Fuel is assist of choice. However . . . Prime factor: I've been doing Kegels for years. read about them at any tantric web site. also learn the breathing techniques. I also don't smoke, keep alcohol to a minimum and am about 15% BF at 182 lbs and work a 4 days week upper/lower body split with plenty of interval walking. She's really motivated at times to assist in "waking" me up. "That c--- was made for me to suck" Other times it takes only a kiss or two.

I use AM in pursuit of a better beast, even at 61 but when cycled off, even for as long as 2 months, i don't think it is a large factor.

Since she requires about 15- 20 minutes in the bathroom before the big show, I have developed this recipe In my shaker bottle i have readied the night before: a scoop of Power Drive, a scoop of Surge, a male fuel capsule opened and dumped in and a Spike Shooter. Chug that sucka. then take that remaining time to limber up and do some extra kegel sets. get the right mind set. She knows she's got a man who eats clean worksout for and lives to be a sexual man. none of that pseudo-macho sports B.S on or off tv for me.

I may occasionally use a surgical tube cockring just to assist in building long term total body tension, if its been more than 48 hours. Release as it will come gets me closer to that total body orgasm . google that.


WOWZERS! A little TMI if you ask me, but I guess the OP asked for it. LMAO