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Best Routine?

What do you guys think is the best workout routine because im on a beginner workout routine with 3 sets by 10-8-6 reps. Its only 3 days a week and its Chest and Tri/Back and bi/Legs and Shoulders. I want to change it up becuase my results have died down and i know changing means growth.

What routines do you recommend to build size/strength quickly. I see a shitload of routines and have no idea which really work and which dont, just wanted to know your opinions

I have been training and studing exercise science for several years and I am even overwhelmed at the sheer amount of information one have to digest and interpret in order to come up with your own training philosophy.

My advice is

  1. start a routine from a well thought of coach
  2. broaden your reading to encompass, nutrition, training strategies, injury prevention while you are training
  3. be constructively critical
  4. keep a training and nutrional diary

The trick is to keep training and not chop and change every time you find a new training idea.

Chad Waterburys anti-bodybuilding hypertrophy program is a good start.

BTW everyone should read ‘The Education of a Powerlifter’ by dave tate it is probably the best article ever published on T-Nation

Thank you for the great advice.

Any other takers?

Any routine that gets you stronger…sorry but the question…well its not that vague of a question but the range of answers…there are too many routines and…well some routines work better for some people and other routines work better for other people…

The best routine is the one that you can handle doing 3-4 times a week, week in, week out.

I like to mix between full body and body part routines.

there is no ‘best’ workout, brah. just gotta live your life a quarter mile at a time.

but really, try some of the great ones on this site and see what works for you. i’m a personal fan of Chad Waterbury and Charles Poliquin if you want to look into some of their stuff.

That’s it for your routine? Low frequency and low volume?


And don’t use wimpy isolation exercises. Your best six exercises will come out of this:

Quad-dominant: Squats, lunges
Hip-dominant: Deadlifts, good mornings, glute-ham raises
Horizontal Push: Bench, dips
Horizontal Pull: Rows
Vertical Push: Shoulder Press, push press
Vertical Pull: Pull-ups, chin-ups

[quote]theflowjob wrote:

What routines do you recommend to build size/strength quickly. [/quote]

What’s your hurry? This is a lifestyle, not an event.

[quote]jp_dubya wrote:
theflowjob wrote:

What routines do you recommend to build size/strength quickly.

What’s your hurry? This is a lifestyle, not an event.[/quote]

Bingo… this is a marathon, not a sprint

Thank you everyone for your input. I didnt really mean a quick fix, I just meant a routine that gives results. Whether it is quickly or slowly makes no difference just as long as it works