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Best Routine to Improve My Deadlift?


I’ve been lifting weights for years now mostly bodybuilding focused but also made sure I could bench and squat good amounts and am now interested in entering a powerlifting competition in a few months but haven’t deadlifted in over a year probably. Any advice on improving my deadlift as quick as possible? Advice on frequency volume even a specific routine?


Make sure you can deadlift properly for a meet first: knees locked, hips through, shoulders not slumped forward. I’m not saying you do any of these, but it’s worth checking.

How you train it is up to you but anything that mixes deadlifts and quick increases is something to be approached with a lot of caution. Given it is going to be your first meet, focus on going 9/9.

I’d recommend one heavy day (85+%) every 10 days or so with a light to moderate day (60-75%) in between. For heavy days focus on singles. Add to that plenty of heavy dumbbell rows and plenty of GHRs and you’re probably going to be fine. Add in reverse hypers if you can.


I’ll give that stuff a try thanks for the advice


If you can perform the movement properly, you can rarely go wrong with one max effort set followed by some back-off form practice sets.

MarkKO’s recommendation might even work better for you since you’ll get to deadlift more often. You’ll learn the movement faster that way.


Volume and lower weights until you get the motor pattern down. Then start taking it up.

It’s just gonna depend on how many weeks you have to prepare but no matter what, never rush the weights. Just focus on good execution and the weights will go up.