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Best Routine for Deadlift?

Hi, I have a really weak DL it’s only 10kg up to my squat (and even when my squat is not in an excellent weight, it’s only 166kg my body weight is 80kg), I have a meet in about 3 months and now I’m planning to train really hard, I’m thinking in a Smolov routine but I’m not really sure if this is the better way to improve deadlift over my squat, what do you guys think?

Find your weaknesses and program based on that.

A good start is to video your pulls so you can remove technique from the possible list of reasons your not pulling big weight. Post it here and you’ll most likely get more than a few form tips. Don’t just post your top strongest pull…put a set of 5 in there.

The best routine is the one you stick to…keep things simple.

some things take time…and the advice above is best.

Posted video critique in your other thread.

Thanks, I’ve a post asking for the form of my deadlift here:

hope you can help me

ever try conventional? You dont look like youre using your legs much on the sumo pulls, mostly looks like back to me…you need to stay low, drive from the hips, keep the back erect so that when you lock out the legs, your locked out. Thats how i sumo anyway, its like a partial wide squat, pull that fucker right into you, should help

[quote]HARA wrote:
Posted video critique in your other thread.[/quote]

Thanks for your comments!