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Best Routine Ever!


I've come up with the best routine ever for overall development:

Monday: ME Lower push and pull
Tuesday: RE Upper Vert push/pull and Horiz. push/pull
Wednesday: DE Olympic lift, plyo jumps and clap push-ups
Thursday: ME Upper Vert push/pull and Horiz push/pull
Friday: RE Lower push & pull
Saturday: DE Olympic lift, plyo jumps and clap push-ups

OK, ME will conist of working up to a 3RM each week. RE days will consist of 3 sets of 8-12 reps and DE days will be 8 sets of 3 for each excercise. Intensisty will work in 3 week waves, going from easily attained reps week 1, to 90% effort week 2 and then setting records on week 3. Then I change all excercises and repeat for the next 3 weeks.

Also all workouts will be preceded by 3-5 50m wind sprints and a light jog cool down, also waving the intensity every 3 weeks. Then I'll do some shoulder and core pre-hab work then hit my workouts. This is in the AM. At night I'll be doing 20-30 minutes of yoga, pilates and stretching.

Is this a sweet routine or what??


It's okay, i guess... more of an idea of a routine than a routine though.

Where are the exercises? tempos? rest periods?

If you have 8-14 sets a workout, then yeah it could be good. If you're doing 20 -40 sets a workout it won't be.


I'm surpised with a workout like that , that you are still able to pat your own back.

Let me know how that works out for you when you get a full time job with a family. Don't forget softball and golf in summer. Snow skiing, cross country skiing and snowshoeing in winter. Vacations, illnesses, and of course injuries.

If it works for you--cool. It would not be good for me. Lifting and fitness are important to me. But no way can I or do I want to spend 6 straight days in the gym. 4-tops in winter. 2-3 in summer.



Sounds interesting bro. Mind going into more detail on the structure and such? Try it out and let us know how it goes.

-The Truth


1 Excercise/movement plane/day. Use same excercise for 3 weeks then switch it up. ME day lower push for example might be narrow stance high bar pause squats, I'd do 150 x 8, 220 x 5, 270 x 3, 300 x 3, 320 x 2, 350 x 1. That's it. Then I'd do my lower pull excercise in the same fashion and be done.

On RE day I just warm up a bit then hit 3 sets of 10 reps for 1 excercise for each movement plane.

DE day is going to get 5 sets of 3 of and OL variation, plyo jumps and varying width clap push-ups.

All rests are approximately 60 seconds. I use a stop watch but on heavy leg attempts I may take up to 120seconds but never more.

A 2-6 sets of assistance work such as dumbell skulls, leg curls etc will be used depending on how I feel.

Tempo is get the fucking weight up fast as possible on DE and ME days and slow 3-1-3 on RE days.


Well helpfully the stretching and yoga will help me pat my own back, I'm a little tight right now.

I have 3 kids under 5 years old and a full time job. One reason I chose a 6day/week workout is it's easier for me to get up to workout if it's an everyday habit as opposed to 3 times/week.

Luckily I have a gym in my garage so I get up at 6, workout and shower by 7, eat, do some dishes, tidy up then wake the kids up at around 7:45 in plenty of time to get them some breakfast and make it to work by 8:30.

At night, after they're in bed, me and my wife usually unwind watching some TV so that's when I do my stretching. It's very relaxing and takes no time away from my kids, job, wife, or extracuricular activities.

See, I told you it was a sweet workout!


Sorry I forgot excercises. All basic compounds such as:

Squats, deads, sumo deads, wide stance squats, front squats, lunges, SLDL, romanian DL's, bench, dumbell press, inlines, declines, board presses, JM's, close grip, wide rows, reverse rows, narrow rows, dumbell rows, military press, dumbell military, Incline close grip, decline board close grip, pause squats, snatch, hang snatch, hang clean, power clean, push-press, hang clean and push press etc etc etc!!!!!


What type of yoga do you do? I am in an intro type yoga class at my gym.

It truly must be hilarious to watch, but I thought I'd give it a try. I am the least flexible person I know, so I thought I could benefit from both the increased flexibility and the meditation end.


Just to clarify, on Thurs you are doing 4 ME exercises working to a 3RM (one for each plane, Upper Body 1)Horz Pull, 2) Horz Push, 3)Vert Pull, 4)Vert Push) after wind sprints of course, following an Olmpic lifting routine (which does put a decent amt. of strain on most of the prime movers used during your Upper body vertical pull exercises) that includes plyometric push ups that was done on Wed. which of course was preceeded by a repition workout on Tues during which you trained your upper body?
I am not trying to sound too negative here, you obviously did some research and put together a program incorporating elements from the Westside BB team and Westside for skinny bastards and used DE days to train the Olympic lifts. However this program will be extremely taxing, especially on your CNS and eventually I think you will become overtrained. Alternating exercises and waves like you plan will surely help and I believe this program could be used effectively (depending on certain factors like the amt. of sleep, nutritional intake, and genetic predisposition of the person) for a period of time, maybe 2-2.5 months. Best routine ever though, i think that claim maybe a bit of a stretch. Good luck with it and please post your results.


Just from a video tape. I mostly go through all the preliminary stretches then do a couple of the poses. It's kind of bastardized yoga and I don't do the meditation. I'm sticking with it 6 days/week though because I am very unflexible too.


Thanks for the input. I don't overtrain easily as long as I'm staying clear of failure except every few weeks. If I do any type of high intensity high reps sets to absolute failure my CNS is fucked for days. I'm gonna keep a close eye, if I'm feeling burned out I'm going to continue on but just ease up on everything and train at about 70% till I feel better again, hopefully telling my body it better adapt to 6 days/week beccause it ain't gonna stop.

I like your thoughts about the scheduling of the days. I think this might be better:

Monday: ME lower
Tuesday: DE Lower
Wednesday: ME upper
Thursday: DE upper
Friday: RE Lower
Saturday: RE upper

What do you think?


The scheduling of ME and DE days in the Westside conjucated periodization is done for a reason (based on empirical evidence from both the original russian transcripts Louie Simmons and Mel Siff got their hands on) and the seperation time is I believe 72 hours. The difficulty you are going to expierence here is in the attempt of resistance training 6 days a week. So regardless of your split you are going to run into some problems incorporating all the aspects of training you want to include (ME, DE, & RE).
All things considered (your loading parameters, exercise choices, and tempos) the most effective split for rest intervals I could come up with is:
Day1-RE upper
Day2-ME lower
Day3-DE upper
Day4-RE lower
Day5-ME upper
Day6-DE lower
Once more without knowing you or your lifting habits personally I can't say for certain when or even if you will become overtrained, but after 8-10 weeks (maybe 3 microcycles of 3 weeks) I would take a week or so off and then switch to alternate program, one with less stress on the CNS. Then you could of course come back to this split. I hope I could help and let us know how you do.


With such higgh frequency, I'd definitely wanna keep the total exercises and intensity low to moderate


Wasn't the best routine ever. I'm done. CNS is fried. Zero motivation to train. Mentally and physically drained.