Best Route to go with HGH?

Hey Guys,

I currently take 500 mcg daily of Sermorelin acetate, and am considering stopping and adding HGH to my next blast that I’m going to start in April.

I’m a TRT guy and my protocol is 250 mg test e weekly split into two shots Monday morning and Thursday evening.
Adex - .5mg EOD. I know that is higher than most, but my blood work is good here and I feel good. Cholesterol is fine too.

After some work I have a solid source for HGH but they have a bunch of different options and I wanted to see if anyone could offer some knowledge or experience.

They have
Blue tops
White tops.

Getropin is the only one I have heard of and my buddy takes Nutropin which is through an authentic script, but I cant affort $1k each month.

Anyone with some experience please pipe in and I’ll keep researching as well.

I’m just finishing a cycle of Getropin. Pretty sure from where you got yours based on the list. I lost over 20 pounds so far in about 3 months, 4 inches off my waist and kept most of my gains. Full disclosure…I was also running Test and NPP for most of that cycle.

I’d start with the Getropin and see what kind of results you get before moving up in cost.

I take 5IU/day so 100 IU lasts me 20 days and 100IU cost $170 so thats just over $500/month

Any reason why you went with getropin over blue tops, or other similar priced products?

A VERY SCIENTIFIC REASON…he was out of blue tops and gave me a deal on the getropin :joy:


I see. Very good reasoning

You ready to make the jump, brother?

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I have about 60 more days of sermorelin and then yes. Going to do 5 iu blue tops from April through September. Bloodwork posted showed blue tops as having the best blood concentrations of the less expensive options. And I can do PayPal now!

Very cool. Please keep us posted. You’re very lean, I’m curious about the water gain. If it will affect you like it did me.

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I’m in the same boat. Want to pull the trigger but don’t want to actually foot the bill for it. Hygetropin has solid reviews that I’ve seen. But the truth is that anything from China makes me ask a few more questions these days.

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@iron_yuppie The source I’m going through posted bloodwork of clients using all his different tropins and bestropin has the highest blood concentrations. Best bang for the buck we’re the Blue Tops by far. They had almost double the blood concentration in the tests vs hyge.

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@physioLojik what would you recommend for a first time on HGH. I’ve been on 500mcg of sermorelin and ghrp2 for close to a year. Don’t know if that matters or not. My igf1 ranges from like 260-315 with my labs. I was thinking 5iu blue tops for like 6 months. Thoughts?

@jackolee I like 5iu post workout. If you take growth you should take Metformin to offset the insulin resistance you’ll get.

If you feel really froggy use 5iu humalog pre workout and taken 80 g crabs intra

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I was all set to start insulin then the shoulder surgery came up. Guess I’ll be waiting…:sob:

What dosage of metformin do you recommend?

@jackolee with growth I think 500 am and 500 pm is fine.

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Thanks buddy. I’ve almost got all my ducks in a row for the next round!