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Best Roids Money Can Buy


Can anyone recommend the best web based site, of course with the top notch quality?

Send me a private message if you would like to speak with me personally.

I am about 200lbs 5'8" and looking for the intense muscle increase!


LOL, the last line really did it for me.


You have 4 posts, man...c'mon.


ImpactNutrition.com Their stuff is the shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This has to be a joke right? (Not that I use/know anything about AAS).
If not, then it's definitely the saddest example of an undercover cop trying to dig up information on an 'illegal drug ring' in history. Seriously, read the overly incriminating and unnatural sounding language that he chooses to use in all 4 of his posts, which consequently are all threads on steriod use.


Whoohooo Mr. DEA Agent strikes again!


I hate to see you think I am some PIG. I came to this website because don't think I can trust the other web chat sites.

Let me make one thing clear, I am no fucking DEA or COP. I hate cops with a damn passion and you can't trust any of those above the law assholes.

I had a guy in Baltimore, where I am orginally from supply me with some Susaton 250, but this shit did nothing for me as far as bulking. He is now in jail for assualt on a pig, now I need to find out where I can get some good shit. I tried steriods.com, but I don't want to spend a ton of money on bunk goods.

I am new to this site and thats why I have four post, because I am looking for someone who was in the same situation as me or someone I can trust and just be someone I can chat with.


Cops arent' this stupid.


I would definitely have to agree with WideGuy on this one.


got to GNC

Tell them elite balla sent you

Tell the you are done with the "shoes" and want some "socks".

Make sure that you do the finger quotes so they understand.


Yes they are. In fact, some are much worse than this. (And of course, others are very good at what they do).

I could elaborate and give two very detailed examples of personal encounters that I've had with police who were trying to 'dig up something' on me, which exemplify the word stupid. However, I'd rather not.

Anyway, just read the overly incriminating language this guy uses in his posts, (i.e. 'steroids' vs 'gear' or even 'roids', and 'buy' vs 'get'), then imagine how it would sound if a state prosecutor was reading it aloud back to you in court.




I just did that. My mom, brother, and grandfather are(were) cops. I sincerely hope they aren't this dumb in the doing of their jobs.


Sure thing. Just walk down to your nearest underage alcohal consuming social gathering and locate an extremely muscular male. Then, ask that same extremely muscular male if they would like to enter into a transaction with you and exchange illegal steriods for U.S. denominated currency. I'm sure someone can help you out. Good luck.


So, either you are a cop, or you're someone who really doesn't like cops even though they, y'know, keep us safe from assholes.

You suck like Jenna Jameson on ecstacy.


There are cops that are this stupid at UC work. I have met a fair bit through my Dad. Luckily they get stuck doing meaningless work, like busting people for steroids.


I forget to tell you about the secret password you need to know. Follow the link below and watch the video.

This is the 'code' that all the extremely muscular males at underage alchohal consuming social gatherings use. Again, good luck!


Maybe he's this guy:



Never mind.

I thought to this this whole chat thing a try and I don't like the negativity, so I am done with this whole site.

Thanks for your time in reading my post to begin with.

Best Regrads.


Wow. Getting all pouty because complete strangers won't stick their necks out to facilitate an illegal act...