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Best Rock Guitarist Ever?


So who is? And what I mean is who is the best overall guitar player in what I consider two important aspects:
1. Can actually play well, is technically proficient. Doesn't have to be EVH, Paul Gilbert or Yngwie. Someone like Slash is acceptable. If you think Kurt Cobain would be acceptable, you'd be wrong, in that he was a good songwriter, but wasn't a very capable player. Slash is both. Angus isn't.
2. Can write good songs. By good I mean "catchy". That could be Dimebag "catchy" or Tom Scholz "catchy".
This isn't about being influential, although that's a bonus.
What say you?


I gotta go with Van Halen. Very catchy songs, plus awesome talent.


One of my favorite Van Halen songs:


Willie Nelson. May play the most famous guitar ever, Trigger, and has a unique sound that is easily recognizable.

Next would be Tiny Tim.

Then Slash.


Jimi Hendrix



Eric Clapton is a VERY close second place.


Jimmy Page?


Matt what are some of the statistical techniques you use to control for sample selection bias and endogeneity in your research?


Are you referring to my actual research or to my selection of music?


Actual research


Why is Slash 'OK' but Angus is not 'OK'?


That is not an easy question to answer, since it is very dependent on what I am doing and how I am going about my experiments. I am a nuclear physicist, so I wind up using Monte Carlo codes a lot, and the accuracy of a Monte Carlo code is very much dependent on using actual random numbers, which is not really possible with computers, and takes too much time to do using tables and such like they used to do back in the 40's, but we can get very close. Using proper data fitting techniques (like the least squares method and such) is also important. I can't really get too specific since the statistical methods I use can and do change and depend on what I am doing. I don't have any favorite or preferred methods, I use what I have to.


A college professor likes 'Hot for Teacher'?

What is the statistical analysis on this predictability?


LOL! I guess it is a bit of a cliche although my love of the song has more to do with the fact that I had a huge crush on my Field Theory professor in grad school and thought of that song when I saw her then the fact that I am myself a professor.


Jeff Beck.



Recently, Brent Hinds of Mastodon...he's a brilliant composer and very very gifted player. Of all time though, I'd have to give it up to Clapton


Michael Romeo.


Ritchie Blackmore

Completely owns the field for both your criteria.


Great choice!


x 1 billion.