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Best Robber Ever.


Fastforwad to 0:21 for the ride of your life with the best robber ever.


I wonder if he got away LOL




Wow. Breaking into a bank with an axe. SMFH. I am surprised that they opened fire on what appeared to be an unarmed man though.




ninja for sure


wtf. the robber seemed so nonchalant about the whole incident




Most casual robbery ever.

"Hey, you guys just chill there while I remove my leg and walk away."


Looking at the time stamp on that it seems the robbery occurred on a Monday at 9:00 AM....what a way to start your week...for all involved.


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Maybe he just did it for the lulz?


Worst police force ever. Most lackadaisical public ever.

The longer I watched, the more pissed off I got.


LMAO at 2:43 guy walks in the front door, sees robber and gets the fuck out.


What would you do if someone tried to rob your store by breaking down your bullet proof glass with a hammer? After a few minutes I'd be like, "Hey man, I know I'm supposed to be scared and all but this is just getting awkward..."


Exactly illustrates one of my points above.

Imagine being that guy. You walk in, see a robber totally focused on his dirty work, and walk you out? What a pussy!

Even at my small stature I'd bring that fucker down so quick he'd hardly now what hit him. How often does one get an opportunity like that?


Well, to be fair, your "small stature" does grant you ninja-like qualities, so.... you have an advantage point.


The dude must've been a stoner, he had zero sense of urgency even when the cops were there.


It would be brilliant if that second guy was also a robber who planned to rob the place on the same day. I wonder if that's actually happened....


This will sound a little bad, but I'm in Taiwan and they also aren't very individualistic thinkers...so I've seen many little things happen where the other people around look at the situation and don't know what to do. And it's not even asshole type "fuck you people!" type thinking...it's more like "Oh no! There must be someone who can help here!"
No bank robberies or anything like that though.