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Best Revenge You've Ever Taken


Wondering people's best revenge stories. Hopefully nonviolent.

Here's mine:

Back when i was in college, me and this other guy hated each other. Had more than a little something to do with a girl. I really wanted to fuck this guy up in a good and lasting way.

An older college roommate was a tech guy. He hooked me up with this little hardware device that goes between a keyboard and the computer and stores whatever key is hit in a log. I put this gadget on a computer that said dude always used and I ended up getting access to his email.

In his email was evidence of him buying 4 term papers that other people had written for his courses during the previous semester alone. Papers & courses he ended up with As and Bs in. I printed that out & forwarded it electronically to the professors & administration. He was dumped by the university when he only had one more semester left until he graduated.

Last I heard, two other colleges he applied to wouldn't accept him because of his miserable record. He ended up finishing his degree at a community college. Far fall from a private school. No fingers were ever pointed at me, and to make matters even safer, after flunking the guy moved back to his home state.

I imagined, and relished in, what he told his mother and father, what he told his prospective employers, what he told his girlfriend, what he told other universities in order to explain himself for failing right before he graduated.

In my case: was the girl worth it? No...not in hindsight. But the taste of revenge was sweet.

To me, whacking someone upside the head with a baseball bat: the injuries are only temporary. If you have it out for someone - you took his name and want to watch his head roll - you need to be crafy to do something that is damaging for the long-term. What's your story?


heeeeeey you ruined someone's life..REALLY COOL!

though i can't say that he was blameless himself

but way to go!


so becuase a girl you liked was with another guy, you attempted (and possibly succeeded in) ruining his life?

you sir, are a jackass. i hope you get punched in the face sometime soon.

oh and btw, what 'little tech device' might that be?

anyways, one time i found out my gf was cheating on me. i was friends with this hippy girl rachael who was about as fucked in the head as anyone could be. we were both laughing on the tucker max website one day when we had a great idea.

went over to rach's house, where we engaged in about 30 seconds of anal sex using only spit as a lubricant. pulled my pants up, giggled, and went on my way.

had the gf pick me up, drive out to a movie date, one the way home started kissing her in the parking lot, and convinced her it'd be a good idea to give me road head.

the funny thing is, she never said anything about it. oh well, broke up with her the next day.


Hopefully, yes. Deeper than just that though, man. You know how it can be sometimes.

Yep. At least I'm not alone here though!

Just for you I dug it out of my closet...a "KeyGhost USB Keylogger." Nifty little thing. For someone who thinkgs outside the box, they're a million uses for it I bet.


F*ck you. Seriously.

Edit: I don't understand people who take pride in causing possibly irreversible dammage to other people (or their lives). ESPECIALLY if it's for a cause that not even is remotely justifiable. It's just mindblowing.


stop snitchin.


My best revenge story was leaving people behind, their loss.


Holy shit only revenge I ever got really was beating my little brother with a big dead branch after he was talking shit and pissed me off.

Some of ya'll are some sick bastards.


Guys at T-Nation should be used to blood and sweat to get to their athletic goal. Academics is no exception. There's no easy way out, son.

Please post your stories, not your opinions on whether I'm a douche or not.


...of the Sith?


A girl I broke up with I still had to see since we ran in the same circles. I realized she was kinda a lunatic borderline NPD.

So besides her ranting and raving at me for standing up to her crap, she spends the next few months badmouthing me to all our mutual friends.

I decide to take the high road and avoid talking about her to people.

The revenge came months later when some friends told me the things she was saying about me, and how it just made her look horrible. Because I was trying to act with some dignity no one believed any of her stories. That felt better than anything I could have done to give me momentary pleasure sinking to her level.

So yeah, the best revenge is to take the high road and live well.


This is a good one too: http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/electronic/b278/


I was going out with a girl for roughly 3 years and madly in love, even bought the girl a ring and was just thinking about how to pop the question.

Then, I found out she was screwing around, and I was hurt, and young so I wanted to hurt her...so I took pictures she had given me for my birthday (of her playing with herself) and emailed them to every single person at the university we attended, that had an email, I then took the actual pictures and mailed them (from her) to her mom.

Needless to say, we don't chat anymore and when I do run into her she just gives me nasty looks.

Not exactly my proudest moment, but whatever.



Bravo, sir. Bravo.


If that guy found out who did that to him one day and decided to kill you, I wouldn't feel sorry for you.


I used to pick on my brother when we were real young, up until around 10 or 11. He never put up a fight and always just let me wail on him until it was over... Anyway, I remember chasing him to school I wanted to kill him over something that I don't remember. I caught up to him and was ready to punch his face in, then he did something he never did before - he punched my face... REAL FUCKING HARD. I got knocked on my ass. It was totally deflating, but I never messed with him again.

And OP, you have some serious issues man. That's totally messed up and I hope that dude gets some sort of revenge on you.


I accidentally backed into my friend's car door once. It cost me 500 bucks. Then, one day, when he wasn't around, I did it again. On purpose.


She deserved it.


I hope you get stabbed. If you could see my face right now you would know I'm not kidding.


Tucker Max is a sick but extremely funny bastard!