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Best Results with TRT?

I’m posting this question because I’m going to finally start TRT after I got blood work done and received levels as low as 3. So… As far as the amount I’m prescribed, would it be best for growth and progress in the gym to start off by requesting smaller doses and ask for them to be gradually increased when I hit plateaus? Sort of like when cutting you don’t want to automatically start on really low macros and a ton of cardio because then you have no where to go when fat loss stalls. Or is
It best to just get the full dose right from the gate?

Your post is very hard to respond to.

Please post all labs in list format with ranges.

Labs: try to get any these done if not done already
LH/FSH - very important that this be done before TRT unless one is old, cannot do this lab after TRT
prolactin if younger, if LH/FSH are low
fasting cholesterol
fasting glucose

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You can’t do TRT with half measures of T. Try to get T+AI+hCG as per stickies.

You indicate that your T is low. You need to be trying to find out why it is low unless you are older and age related decline can be assumed. Low T is often a symptom and not a root cause of your problems.

Hmm. I think he only tested me for testosterone. I read here that endos can be rather “uninformed,” and I’d have to agree as my current one claims everything that has been proven true about what can affect testosterone levels is wrong. But it’s like, I can’t really do much because he’s the doc. Haha.

That’s what a degree gets you I guess. But I already am pretty sure what the problem is…I had history of an eating disorder that developed in my early teens. After years of malnutrition, it took its toll. But now I’m recovered and have my diet on track. There was improvement but not enough to boost T out of the low range.