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Best Results with Limited Supps?


basically all i have available to me is ON 100%whey, ON instantized Bcaa and gatorade powder. how do you guys suggest i go about the workout protocol/nutrition to maximize the limited resources i have. although this is all i have, i have an alot of these so high dosages, if needed, of any wouldnt be a problem. any advice would be appreciated. thanks!!

goal is to gain muscle and lose the a bit of fat...


That is a good place to start. You really have all the basics you need so long as your actual FOOD diet is in place. I made gains for years with Protein powder, and poptarts, and then just made sure I are enough and frequently.



actual food is no worries cause i got that locked down.(eating clean and often etc...) im just not sure how to go about the periworkout window with these supplements to maximize benefits. anY ideas how i would go about this?


Whey + Gatorade 30 min prior
Whey + Gatorade during
Whey about an hour after

I guess you could sprinkle the BCAA's in all the shakes if needed, or megadose then for the during workout shake instead of the whey.

I'm not the most knowledgable on this though, I have followed something similar to what I outlined recently, it works, but maybe something a bit better could be fashioned.


Leave the whey for pre/post and hit the BCAA and Gatorade during. That's what I've been doing for years.


Yeah I'd opt for this approach.



Gatorade powder seems pretty popular around here. I thought it had a high amount of fructose in it? Not sure why that makes it a good peri-workout carb source, though I've read before that fructose can increase anaerobic performance. Anyone willing to enlighten me why it's so commonly used?


Stu was ahead of his time with the poptarts, Dave Barr has stated they are on par with 1gram of test, anabolic wise :wink:


I think the Gatorade powder is mostly dextrose, while the bottled Gatorade is Glucose-Fructose (HFCS). That is why people would use the powder to avoid HFCS.


the powder form is actually better than the pre-made stuff you can buy as it contains sucrose and dextrose... but yea theres prob something better out there - tho would it be as cheap?


I've found dextrose, maltodextrine, and WMS for cheaper than I've ever found bulk gatorade powder.


i will give this a shot... any idea how much bcaa to mix into the gatorade? i got a shitload so wouldnt mind dumping alot into a shaker.. thanks!


Stop thinking so much.


Fructose is used because it WORKS, just like any other damn carb does post-workout.

I'm not the top sports nutritionist in the world, and despite the literature I've been exposed to--and I've read a fucking lot for school and recreation--I highly, HIGHLY doubt that there are dramatic differences in recovery, protein synthesis, and hydration amongst the use of dextrose, maltodextrin, waxy maize, a Pop Tart, Surge, fructose, or a fucking mayonnaise-on-white-bread sandwich. I don't give a shit what anyone says, or about the THEORY that juice can't be good because fructose goes straight to the liver and not into muscle cells. Glycogen from the liver breaks down to glucose - which does go to muscle.

I just don't go for this shit anymore. I remember there was a study that showed that the uses of waxy maize and white bread had no significant difference on post-workout indicators like protein synthesis and hydration.

So if you want to go next door after a workout and order steamed chicken and white rice, do it. If you want to use skim milk powder and grape juice, do it. If you want to use low-fat chocolate milk, do it. If you want to use a can of tuna and few cups of OJ, Lonnie Lowery style, do it.


5-10g per shake. i do 5 b/c i'm running low and don't wanna buy more haha but i started with 10g per shake when i bought my 5lbs a while ago.


did you just tell me i could eat pop-tarts?



I didn't ask because I'm over thinking; I asked because I was curious. It's not like I'm some 120 lb noobie asking what carbs to using around my workout. I've made more than enough progress with the methods I use.


It's funny I'm eating Blueberry poptarts as I read this thread lol.

Which flavor of poptarts do you guys prefer?


You've got all your major needs covered with what you got.

W (-30min) 1-2scps whey
W (right before) 2+scps Gatorade and 1scp BCAA
W (post) 1-2scps whey and 1scp BCAA


At my folks' place, just threw down a couple of S'mores flavor. Even toasted them, which I usually don't do.