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Best Restaurant


So tell me...where are the best places to eat. Just say what city you live in and the one restaurant you would select as the absolute best...and no f*cking chain restaurants. Yeah, its a lame post but, I'm freakin' hungry and have been thinking about food all day....and not the foods on my diet!


Duluth, MN

  • Blackwoods

  • Grandma's

These might teeter on the line of being like a chain restaurant, but they both kick ass. Nothing fancy or anything, but they're my favorites.

 Hibachi Japan, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Yes they cook in front of you and yes you may have to sit with people you don't know if there is only a few of you; but the Filet Mignon is the best I've ever had!!!
The scallops are damn good also.
Ok now you done it where the hell are my car keys, I'm starving...


Pueblo, CO

Cactus Flower...best mexican food and green chile a person can get.


P.F. Changs
Grovewood Tavern
Three Birds
Johnny Mango's


Great Italian!!


Hoboken New Jersey:


Across the river in NYC: Alain Ducasse, yeah its French, yeah the tasting menue with wine is about $500 per person, yeah its worth every penny.


Harry Carey's. I don't have oodles of money and time, so there are probably better restaurants that I don't know about, but their Rib Eye steak is to die for. Without a doubt the best piece of meat I have ever eaten.


"to die for"

Is that/should that be allowed?

And don't even get me started on the 'best piece of meat....."


The Pig Stand in Ville Platte,La.
(home cooking an cajun food)

Soileaus in Opelousas,La.
(home cooking an cajun food)

Prejeans in Carencro,La.
(home cooking an cajun food)

Zeus's, Lafayette,La.
(Greek n' Lebanese (2 Locations)

Poseidans, Lafayette,La.


San Diego

BBQ- Phills BBQ in Hillcrest/Oldtown

Italian- Tiramisu Trattoria in La Mesa

Dine in Pizza- Fillipi's Pizza Grotto in Little Italy

Take Out Pizza- Best of Sicily in Casa De Oro

Mexican- Murrietas in La Mesa

Take out Mexican- La Posta de-Acapulco's, in Casa De Oro. It's one of those hole in the wall joints nestled next to a bar and a pawn shop that kicks down kick-ass carne asada, and their hot sauce is amazing, especially after it sits in the fridge for a couple days.

Seafood- Brigantine, it's technically a chain, but I like the Poway Location the best.

Best overall food, locations, ambiance, and huge big screens for sports... Trophy's In La Jolla, Mission Valley, and La Mesa/Grossmont

Good Eats!



I live in Davis, CA, which is a small town. But it's also a college town. We have 6 excellent Thai restaurants. That's about it.

I love to drive and/or ride my bike 15 miles to Winters, which has The Buckhorn Inn, where you can get amazing steaks, and Chuey's, which is the best Mexican food I've had in northern California.


Ormond Beach Florida
Billys Tap room
The worlds best crab cakes and fish in a brown bag.


I eat there for lunch pretty regularly.

Probably my favorite overall is either Jose's in La Jolla Village or Fidel's in Solana Beach - both Mexican. Bully's in Del Mar has the best prime rib I've ever had.


Yeah my GF and I are either there or at Red Robin across the street for lunch when I go up there to meet her. She works in that area.

Never been to Bully's, is that the one down by the equestrian center?




I second Maggiano's, you forgot to mention the portions are HUGE!!!


My favorites:

Vacation dining:
Pipiri Palace, Gustavia, St. Barths.

Nice ambience, unbeatable location, fantastic food, unbelievable desserts and the house vanilla rum is awesome!

Other Locales:
Toronto: Canoe - awesome food and view
Chicago: Giordano's for pizza
Denver: The Fort - very unique atmosphere and the game sampler is a must eat.
Houston: Bank Jean-Georges in the Hotel Icon. The Whiskey Bar is pretty cool too (the bartender was smoking hot).

Local eats:
Cinque Figlia in Morristown, NJ.
Black Forest Inn, Andover, NJ

Easy on/off highway (I-95)
Macgregor's in Havre de Grace, MD.
The BEST cream of crab soup you will find.

In honor of the people of New Orleans, my favorite restaurants there:
Commander's Palace
Brennan's steakhouse

That will have to do for now. I'm not going to list any NYC restaurants because there are too many.



I thought the poster said no chains. P.F. Chang's and Maggiano's are chains, we even have them in Wisconsin.

Anyway, in Milwaukee

Mr. B's Steakhouse
Lake Park Bistro

and the best, most memorable meal

Eddie Martini's
Sticks an Stones is a close second


In Cincinnati:

Steak: Jeff Ruby's
they dry age all of their steaks. They practically melt in your mouth.

Dee Felice
A great creole inspired restaurant with a house jazz band.

Cincinnati's best pizza.

Better than Skyline, and I'm talking Cincinnati style chili.

Anchor Grill
A dive, greasy spoon that's open 24/7. Nothing better after a night of partying.

-While vacationing in D.C.

Cactus Cantina
The freshest food I've ever had. Pretty good mexican.


A few cities I'm interested in as far as good food are...

Kansas City