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Best Rest Interval for Hypertrophy


i tried 1 minute with 12 reps, but i have to use puny weights, on consequtive sets my reps drop by 2.(12,10,8) however my pump is incredible and even the next day.
anyway what kind of rest interval time is best for hypertrophy.



I think you'll find there is no one best interval. Most people will advise you to change it up every few weeks.


The best rest time for hypertrophy is 62.38473828294 seconds. A nanosecond more, and you won't be turning into Jay Cutler any time soon.

Try 10 sets x 3 reps with 90 sec rest. Read something by Waterbury, like ABBH, or Single's Club or The Science of 10x3 or anything else, really.


Read CW's Set/Rep Bible for general guidelines.


I stay anywhere from 45 to 90 sec. Except on squats and DL where it will range from 2 - 4 mins.