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Best Resources to Learn About T?

39yrs old. I workout 4-5 days/wk. Hard gainer, but decent physique. I dont think I look that great, but I get compliments and compared to “most” others my age that appear to be doing it naturally as I have I’m definitely leaner, stronger and more defined.
I’ve been feeling less aggressive and gym motivated lately. I got a low T test result back and I’m researching my options. Eat fairly clean.
Happen to live near Mexico and I want to act fast.

Any particular resources I should read before stepping into this adventure?

Man, there’s so much to read. It just depends on what you’re planning on doing. Are you looking to cycle? Are you thinking about trt? If so will you be administering it yourself or will you be going through a doctor? You need to answer those questions before you start really digging in to the heavier research. Once you have an idea of what you want there are a ton of good resources available to learn all that is needed to help you along the way.

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Was initially thinking a T only cycle, but now I think straight TRT will work. I really dont care to go through a doctor. I can get bloodwork done privately and pickup meds in Mexico.