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Best Remedies for Wrestling Diseases


Specifically, I mean ringworm. I've been doing a little grappling in my high school's wrestling room, and it's the offseason, so the mats aren't as clean. Of course, I now have ringworm on my upper arm and elbow. What are the best creams/alternative remedies?

Feel free to post remedies for other diseases that affect competitors in wrestling/grappling/MMA etc.


My suggestion is go to your doc. I had ringworm once and he gave me a cream and it went away. Also I'm going to suggest NOT peeling off the top layer of skin and pouring bleach on it. We had bunches of guys do that in HS. Fucking terrible idea.


Tinactin makes a cream specifically for ringworm. Just get it OTC and use it twice a day for a month.


+two on the tinactin or other anti fungal..

I have had my share of the usual foot, jock etc and an antifungal cream or spray is am must.

You have to clean the mats

If you are their with just you and your boys take the 5 minutes to do it.

go ask the janitor for the mop and bucket - dude will do it if you ask nice.

pour some bleach, or other antibacterial soap in there and give the matts a good ass mop
make figure 8's while walking backwards

take a shower every time you train there or anywhere else-

dont borry other peoples clothes shoes, gi's etc.

Like the other poster said get a good antifungal cream and use it .
allot. and use it continuously for a month or more

Antifungal should be a staple in your gym bag if you wrestle/rol bjj/play judo.



Wasn't planning on it, that sounds horrible haha.

The wrestling room is in a completely separate building from the school, so the janitors don't work in there. I'll poke around though and ask some of the guys where they keep the cleaning supplies. The wrestlers have to clean the mats themselves after practices.

Thanks for the help guys.


me and another guy i roll with i got this last year,. he said to use Lamisil AT, and it was gone in a week. now we started kicking people out of class that don't wash thier gi's, and clean the mats every day with bleach/water.

also, another guy i roll with mentioned some sort of anti-fungal bodywash he uses. he said it is pretty harsh on his skin, so he only uses it after he rolls, but he has never got a skin issue sincie. i can't remember the name, though....


the big thing is not to ever wear street shoes on the mat.
kind of hard at any educational facility.



Yeah anti fungal cream works well, however, I have effectively used bleach once on some ringworm on my thigh. The difference is that I did not use straight up bleach, I used a VERY diluted (about 1 cup H20 per tablespoon bleach) mixture and did not peel away the skin. This has been recommended to me by a surgeon for a bacteria-related minor infection, but I figure that if it kills that, it will probably kill fungal infections as well.


One thing that I found works like no other on virulant strains is epsom salt...I fill up a tub and soak in it for about 20 minutes for few days and it's gone. fucking ringworm everywhere like you wouldn't believe here in Hawaii. I do use Defense soap which you can find online because I'm scared of thhe staph.


I think defense soap is a scam. When I used it for 3 months I had ringworm 6 times. Another important thing is not showering to much, this kills your bodies natural flora and prevents you from prevnting ringworm. Also you can shower with head and shoulders, selsun blue or OTC nizoral as a bodywash because they are anti fungal. You should always use dandruff shampoo to prevent RW in the hair.


No one has talked about gear cleanliness

washing your gi, shorts shirts etc in good hot water with good detergent regularly goes a long way.
not wearing the same ones too, sounds silly but people do it.

jock, cup head gear/ear guards or gloves need it too- you can water down bleach (allot) and put it in a spray bottle simple green is good too.

when I played Judo with more frequency- I had maybe 6 Gi's that I rotated with.
pain in the ass to launder but it was good.

in college we where on the road allot competing and practicng on different matts/facilities
some where ghetto but have to clean your gear too.



Simple Green FTW. Spray your shit down with this even right before you put it on. its non toxic so it wont make you itchy or cause you to brea out, I use it on my hockey pads.


Lamisil AT is the best/strongest OTC cream for ringworm. The product states that it's for athlete's foot, but it kills the "tinea" family of fungi, which comprises athletes foot, jock itch, and ringworm.

You don't neccesarilly need to go to the doctor for ringworm; a common rule of thumb is to go to the doc if you get ringworm on your face or in multiple areas.

If you need stronger medications the doctor can prescribe oral Lamisil or Diflucan(which is also prescribed to treat yeast infections, which is also a fungi). When applying the cream, make sure to cover not only the ringworm itself but a little bit beyond because the infection spreads/grows outward (in an expanding ring).

It's very important to always shower after training and always wash your workout clothes after any type of grappling. It's important to instill this in your training partners/teammates as well.

After all, ringworm is the least serious skin infection you can get from grappling. Staph and the dreaded herp are out there as well. If you get one of those you HAVE to go to the doctor. MRSA (antibiotic resistant staph) is becoming more and more common.

MRSA is almost always treatable with the stronger and newer antibiotics such as Vancomysin, but there are cases where MRSA has killed healthy young athletes.

Dandruff shampoo is also a good suggestion for its anti-fungal properties. Go with Selsun Blue or Nizoral over Head and Shoulders, as they have stronger active ingredients. And you can apply it over your whole body and not just your hair.


I had bad ringworm on my neck (cause of wrestlers, no doubt!) and I rubbed that stuff on it and overnight the ringworm was dead. It was actually almost completely gone. I was back in the game two days later with a clear and beautiful neck


If you got it 6 times in 3 months, that shit was in your environment regularly. Once you got it, the soap isn't going to cure it. Plus I'm more interested in its anti-staph properties...my brother got the staph last year and that shit was frickin scary.


I forgot about keeping your gear clean. I have these anti-bacterial wipes that I carry around with me and wipe down my mitts, gloves, and shinpads with after practice. It only seems anal until you've caught some shit you can't get rid of.


I have ringworm on two spots on the same arm. Does that count as multiple areas? They're maintaining in size, but drying out slightly from the cream.


Just to add to this, I like to put a cup of vinegar in when I wash my gi's/shorts as well. Seems to get them cleaner and smelling better too.



If it's responding to the cream and it's not popping up in other places/spreading, then you're probably ok. The hardest part can be staying off the mat until the worm totally clears, but it's the responsible thing to do.


Step 1) treat the spots with the cream and the spray (two different medicines) as many times as you can in a day. 5 or 6 times per day will ensure the medicine gets into the skin throughout the day.

Step 2) Cover up the spots as best as you can so that the ringworm doesn't get to your training partners during practice.

Step 3) Mop the mats with a bleach solution. Spot treatment will cure an infection, but does little to prevent new infections from appearing. Clean mats go a long way.

Step 4) Make sure your skin is healthy. Do not use soap that dries you out - especially if you are showering more than once a day. Use lotion after your last shower to keep the skin healthy and prevent new infections. Remember, anti-bacterial soaps do not kill or prevent ringworm. In my experience, healthy skin is the best preventative measure.