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Best Reflex Bag


hey there, while living in a dorm i dont have access to a whole lot of space and im going a bit stir crazy from lack of practice i was wondering if you guys had any opinions on reflex bags and if so what the best one is ive heard mixed reviews about the everlast and the silver bullet doesnt look like you would have to move because of limited range of motion




Buy Title, Reyes, Grant, whatever, but get a good one and don't EVER BUY EVERLAST. Their stuff is shit, even the stuff that claims its for "advanced training."

What garbage.

Title is probably the best bang for your buck that you can find.




Man fuck you, I got everlast 16 ounce gloves but now the seed of doubt has been planted.

I hope you're happy with yourself you bastard.


As far as gloves go I dropped $60 on some everlast gloves and they are beat to hell and falling apart after less than a year. My title gloves are twice as old and still look brand new.. The titles are 12 and the everlast 16 if that is in any way relevant to you.


my imf tech gloves seem fine after a year and i abuse the shit out of them compared to a couple other brands i tried which seemed to deteriorate inside mind you the everlast antimicrobial thing seems to be true, they are the only pair i had that didnt smell like bigfoots cock


Ive got an everlast reflex bag. pretty solid piece of equipment, never had any problems with any everlast product


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