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Best Reference for Movement "How-To"?


Am looking at the 5/3/1 plan for non-enhanced training. Looks good to try, but don’t know the exercises (ex Bulgarian something or another).

What’s the best book (paper or electronic) that has exercise how-to info ??

Thank you.


Whoa there Trigger! While appreciate your enthusiasm, you don’t need to start a new thread for every question. You can start a log, and continue to ask questions.

There are 5million+ exercise videos on the net. Just google it.


Like your other thread, “best” depends on what you’re working towards.

I started lifting at age 33 and Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength was very helpful in learning the movements. Jim Wendler, author of 5/3/1, recommends it for this purpose as well. Lots of diagrams and detailed descriptions. There’s like 41 pages and dozens of pictures and illustrations just on the squat.

Applying Rippetoe’s squat methods really helped my squat take off, and today I can squat somewhere north of 500lbs. I don’t do everything the Rippetoe way on my squats, but they’re pretty close.

I like where you’re going with 5/3/1 for programming.


Yessir ok! Sorry :confused:


No…no… I wasn’t trying to sound harsh. I was trying let you know. We will see your posts. I can only speak for myself, but when somebody starts slamming threads like that, I roll my eyes back in head and say… here we go again :wink: