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Best Recomp SARMS Cycle?

I am looking to start my first SARMS cycle and have done all the necessary research and decided the risks are worth it. I am 20yo and recently got into powerlifting after losing 110lbs, since powerlifting I got super loose on my diet and have gained a lot of fat. I am looking for the absolute best SARMS stack (about 3) to get cut as fast as possible while still having a major focus on strength gain or at least maintenance as I still plan to compete. I just want to look and feel good again, and maybe hopefully get me through my strength plateaus. Also what would you suggest my dosage be and how long I should run it? I plan on doing the proper PCT while also eating lean protein packed meals and training intensely 3-4 times a week. I am currently 6’ 210lbs and around 19% BF. Thanks

Someone might have some helpful info for you. Altho this isn’t the best place for sarms advice. They do have numerous other forums where they will give you tons of info then sell you the cycle they gave you info on… Nothing unusual there.

My advice use AAS not sarms and wait til your older

Best of luck


Thankyou Zeek, not sure what I’ll do yet. Definitely gonna keep looking into it

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Not worth the risk IMO, especially at 20. They have all the downsides of using AAS without near the reward.