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Best Recipes When You're Dieting, Cutting, Whatever, etc...


Been watching what I eat a lot here lately, just wondering what yalls favorite recipe or just meal in general is. Pretty much all I have been eating is Chicken and broccoli; its not bad I switch up the way I cook my chicken but you know I was just curious.

Oh yeah if anyone has any good home recipes for salad dressing throw that up on here too.


If I'm dieting, I look forward to my steak meal at supper every night. Also Pre Bed I like Mixing 1 cup of cottage cheese with 1 scoop of Chocolate Protein powder, 1 tbsp of natty PB and 1 tbsp of splenda. (tastes like Reese Peanut butter cups)



30g almonds put in the blender or food processor (15g works if you're strapped for calories)
2 scoops Metabolic Drive
two pinches of salt
two egss

mix together with a little bit of water and either eat or cook like a pancake for 3-4 minutes on either side.


^This sounds awesome^ and I'm trying it ASAP


Thanks, it took a while to figure out but the salt makes a huge difference. And having casein in the protein.


1 Tbsp Coconut Oil
4 Eggs
4 Egg whites
Salt and/or Salt substitute (Mine is potassium)
Black Pepper
Diced Garlic

Make an Omelet.

This is my 2x a day, go-to cutting recipe. It makes a high-volume omelet with the boldness of the coconut oil, sweetness of cinnamon, bite of pepper, sting of garlic, and salt to enhance flavors. (Potassium to avoid electrolyte deficiency as well, needed on a cut)


all these sound good...just tried the cottage cheese and choc protein powder it was pretty dern good


Just found a recipe for pretty good Metabolic Drive cookies (over on FA).

I made 4 cookies/bars with:

2 scoops choc Metabolic Drive
8 tbsp peanut butter
1 cup oats
4 packets of splenda
1 tsp cinnamon

Bake at 375 for 6-8 min. Comes out to about 370-400 cals per cookie/bar and taste great. I'm gonna try a bit more splenda next time. This would probably be good with vanilla Metabolic Drive as well.


Not really a recipe or anything special.. But I buy my favorite sauces from Buffalo Wild Wings for around $3.50 each and bake around 6 chicken breasts in a large pan and throw some BWW sauce on them and put them in the fridge in the same pan.. Easy dinner/Lunch for 3 days


Some of my favorite recipes use convenience products from Trader Joe's Whole foods and the regular supermarket.
For Example, my Big chain supermarket had pre cooked jumbo shrimp on sale so I combined about 10 shrimp with a 1/3 cup of Trader Joe's peach salsa and topped with Non fat sour cream. It was like eating a high protein seviche.
Most of the stuff I make usually takes just 5-10 minutes to make.

This is just one of many> As a former chef and now a full time trainer I spend a lot of time helping my clients with new recipes ideas that help them to get lean and stay that way. Most guys get into that "chicken and broccoli with brown rice which is incredibly boring. You need variety to keep this going.


I tried this for Breakfast and it was awesome man. Great Call. New staple in my diet! :slight_smile: Thanks a bunch


No worries, glad to hear you liked it!


hey guys, my fave chicken recipe when im dietin goes as follows:

2/3 chicken breasts
3 teaspoons of olive oil
3 teaspoons of lemon juice
pinch of salt
1/2 teaspoon of b/pepper
1 teaspoon of paprika
1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper
half chopped onion
1 clove of crushed garlic.

give it a good mix and throw it in a bowl overnight.

Throw in the oven for like 30 mins. daym tasty!! if you don't want it spicey take out the cayenne pepper.

Easy salad dressing.

Natural white vinegar ( double the amount vinegar to lemon juice)
lemon juice
splash of olive oil.

if any one can be arsed trying it let me know what u think!


Brown one pound of ground turkey or lean ground beef in a large pan. Season with garlic salt, black pepper, California red chili pepper and cheese sprinkles (found in the spice aisle).

Add one can of rinse and drained great northern beans and about 1/2 package frozen peas. Cook until everything is heated through and serve it hot on a big bed of spinach.

It's very simple but it's pretty good. I hate ground turkey but I can get it cheap and this recipe actually makes it taste good. We eat it a couple times a week when cutting.

Oh, and I mix olive oil with flavored vinegars and seasonings for salad dressing. My favorite is garlic flavored vinegar with a little bit of dry wasabi powder and olive oil. Just shake it up and it's done.


I don't really have recipes. I just throw together what seems to sound good, but thanks for the recipes that have been posted. I might just have to try them. I like the pancake one too from Chimera.... and this one too from silverhydra:

Excellent! I'm sure you can throw in some veggies in there too, but I'm not sure which ones yet. I'll play around with it. I don't eat quite this many eggs per day but I do eat eggs so I can use these ingredients and play around with it. I also have been eating my yolks raw lately.

This thread is turning out to be a good one thus far! Keep em coming!


Had the almond "pancakes" this morning...pretty solid.

Really enjoying this thread so far hopefully we can get some new editions here soon.


WTF? Am I the only one noticing that a founding 2002 member just posted his one and only post!? Anyways, with posts like this (and being a chef/trainer) you have share more with us! I love 5 min recipes like this.

Anyways, thanks for the recipe. It sounds great! I'll try it in a couple weeks! I love TJs (and Fresh and Easy, although TJs knocks their socks off!).


Haha...True I didnt even notice....No TJ's around here we have Fresh Market it is pretty good though just became aquainted with it.

Just to put the 2002 thing in perspective I am pretty sure I still had dial-up then...just saying


1 can of wild salmon
1 Tbs Vinegar
1 tsp vietnamese garlic chili sauce
garlic seasoning salt to taste

top this on a large cucumber (peel it if u want and scoop out the seeds)

...if youre hungry enough, anything tastes good!


I love making chili, it can be really simple. Just get the leanest ground beef possible (preferably over 93/7). Tomato paste, stewed tomatoes, kidney beans, and a few spices and you've got it. Has become a staple in my diet.