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Best Ranger Competition 2009



Hulu has webisodes of 2009's Best Ranger Competition. Check it out. I'd much rather watch the older versions where it was hour long episodes and not 4 minute webisodes.

Badass pic to be added at a later date.


Back in the day (14 and 15 years ago)...when I USED to be fit- I tried BRC, twice. Did not finish both times; my partner broke his knee cap on the Darby Queen (1st try), and we bolo'd on the night land nav (2nd try). Kind of regret never finishing the damn thing.


Wol, where is your avatar from?


They stopped doing the hourlong episodes, yet poker is on 10 hours a day on ESPN2?


It depends. I change avatars more often than I change underwear.

The current one is from Watchmen, when Comedian was burning a North Korean. Epic Win! Actually, its from a specific part in the Trailer.


Shows the state of our society. BUMP!