Best R-ALA

There is a big, BIG debate on another online forum regarding the quality and efficacy of different brands of r-ALA. Does anyone have any opinions as to which is the best or most legit? Thanks.

PurALA or Glucorell are the brands I would stick with.

Thanks Monty. I have heard of Glucorell before, although I hadn’t heard of PurALA. Are they both equally reputable? Do you know if anyone had done any independent lab tests on PurALA? Glucorell is the main one I was referring to that has caused a whole heap of controversy on the forums at Apparently the owner of the company claims that he’s got 3 or 4 independent lab test results posted on his site, claiming the product to be at least 99% pure, yet someone challenged him to an independent lab analysis which apparently showed that his product had far less r-ALA in it that labeled. He’s now suing, claiming the test was severely flawed, etc., etc.

Haha. Glucorell is actually the brand under scrutiny on another board regarding a certain batch(es) that met only half the label claims. Whether if it’s true or not remains to be seen.

However, I have used Source Naturals’ 100mg R-ALA and have found it to be quite comparable to regular racemic 300mg ALA. I just bought AST’s 200mg R-ALA and will give it a try as soon as my Source Naturals runs out. Judging from AST’s reputation I think it’ll be just as good of a product (hopefully because it certainly is more cost effective as opposed to Source Naturals). Hope this helps.

dude, do not get glucorell. it’s underdosed, and the head of the company is an absolute and utter tool. he’s the joke across almost every other fitness related board besides this one.

Any opinions on the R-ALA from 1fast400?

Does anyone have any knowledge of the legitimacy of PurALA or Source Naturals version (independent lab tests)? Or another brand called 1Fast400? Although I haven’t seen any tests on it, I have been using AST’s r-ALA, and I suspect that it’s not really r-ALA, both because it works and feels no differently then their previous (racemate) “ALA 200” did, and because the price is exactly the same as the old version. I believe that pure r-ALA costs a whole lot more to make, doesn’t it?

A friend that I work with has tried 1fast400. He feels that it’s not working at all in comparison to Syntrax’s R and Source Naturals.

Syntrax R is very good stuff

Isn’t Syntrax known to be a fairly sleazy outfit?

I have been using Syntrax R for a while now. I don’t know about their other products, but their R-ALA seems like it works well.

btw, I am going to try the PurALA, and see how it compares. Hopefully it will be good stuff.

Anyone else want to contribute?

Well as I mentioned previously in this thread I was trying AST’s R-ALA. I have to say that I’m quite disappointed. Taking one of their 200mg capsule is no where near as potent as 100mg of Syntrax R or Source Naturals R-Lipoic Acid. I even upped the dosage to 400mg of AST’s product and still didn’t feel a damn thing! 100mg of the other brands can easily knock out my blood sugar when I’m not careful!

I e-mailed them and Jeff Willet responded saying that this was the first time he had heard of the problem. He himself hasn’t had a problem nor has anyone else thus far. Maybe I got a bad batch, I dunno. But it sucks since I still have 2 other bottles in my possession.

For now, I’ll say that Syntrax provides the better product in terms of cost and effectiveness. Hope this helps.

I recomment PurALA. It’s what I’ve had good expeiences with, and everyone else I’ve talked to has good things to say about it as well. It works fine for what it is, no point in debating the lesser quality shit. KISS

Just my 2cc

This may seem like a stupid question, but would the efficiency of a certain r-ALA brand differ from person to person? For example, would it be possible that AST’s r-ALA would work great for me and Syntrax’s wouldn’t at all (see Jeff T’s post)?

Since this post I started using Syntrax R-ALA is it seems to be working well for me. I will try the PURala after I finish this bottle to compare them.

When Glucorrel first came out it was awesome, worked insanely well at putting me hypo lol. After a few months I noticed that it didn’t have the kick for me or anyone I put it on. I tried AST, it didn’t impress me. I also tried purALA and it seems to be pretty good. 1Fast400 is good sometimes, less others.

I am going to try Syntrax next…their company might have some controversy, but I find their products always work well. Too bad we can’t get Lipokenetix or Adipokenetix…man those two products were the bomb :frowning:

Also, does the efficiency diminish as time goes on for a certain brand or r-ALA?

So it seems that AST’s r-ALA is the best one, or at least the most popular one?