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Best QB of all time

Having been a lifetime lover of the Miami Dolphins and Dan Marino. I know it is a highly contreversial question but who do you think is the greatest quarterback? Joe montana? Steve Young? Dan Marino? Maybe Dan Fouts or Joe Namath. Personally i believe Dan is the greatest of all time and the numbers don’t lie. Give him a great back and he would have taken the superbowl,…repeatedly.

could talk football all day…anyway, let’s run the formula again. One game, one QB-pick your top ten. 1)Joe Montana-Maddens pick 2)John Unitas-never saw him but all the old people like him 3) Terry Bradshaw-4 rings and he was in “Hooper”! 4)John Elway-a cannon plus he looks like my brother 5)Dan Marino-stats out the a*! and I heard he just adopted the nation of Belize 6) 7)Joe Namath-he did a pantyhose commercial! 8)Brett Favre-see #4,except Brett doesn’t look like my brother 9)Roger Staubach-aka “the dodger”, also has like a 232 IQ or something like that 10)Steve Young-great hair and I needed him so the freaks, uh, I mean lefties don’t get upset. few! that’s a tough list but I think for a QB winning is imperative. A RB can be great on a losing team but a QB really can’t. Dan is the only guy on the list who never won a ring (which says alot). He just never had the right combination of players to take the whole thing. Oh yes, honorable mention. let’s begin- Dan Fouts, Bart Starr, Fran Tarkenton (pre-Tony Robbins), Troy Aikman and Todd Marinovich…ok,just kidding, but wasn’t he supposed to be on this list? Who did I forget?

You forgot Joe Montana and Ryan Leaf :wink:

The one, the only - Joe Montana. I will forever be a Niners fan, and my vote as “the best” Q-back will never sway.

Jhonny Unitus! That’s who we forgot. definatley a field general, or so i’ve heard.
I really don’t like the new breed of quarterbacks that have developed (micheal vick, Donovan Mcnabb, Aaron brooks)they are great athletes im just a little old fashioned i guess. Even with his current struggles I really believe that peyton manning is gonna go down as one of the best. the man has such great vision.

Ryan Leaf…you’re joking right? that man won’t make the top 100.

No question about it. With the game on the line and staring downfield with 80+ yards to go, John Elway. Marino had his chances while being surrounded with talent and still couldn’t win the big one, all the while, Elway got them there five times. And he went out with a storybook ending, 2 Superbowl wins. No contest

Hands down, Joe Montana. How many Super Bowls did Marino win?

Dan never won the big-one, so NO he can’t be considered the greatest…

Can someone explain to me why you can’t be the greatest if you haven’t won the championship?

Is Terry Pendelton better then Barry Bonds?

Bonds or Pendelton,hmmmmm…In team sports you can only do so much as a single person. I would liken a great QB to a great pitcher-winning is the only thing that matters at that position. In football the QB bears more responsibility than the other players and since you only play to win, then may the best man win! Not almost win or come close alot. (Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing-VL) . The fact that he’s even brought up in these debates speaks to how good Marino really was.

The greatest quarterback is Otto Graham of the Cleveland Browns. He took his team to TEN straight superbowls (1946-1955), winning SEVEN.

No offence Jethro, Otto may have been a great Quarterback. If this is true than it just proves my point. Why is Otto Gram never even concidered when sports “experts” juggle this question? 10 straight superbowls…If Dan is out of the race simply because he doesn’t own a ring then why isn’t Otto even in it. If the man really does own 7 superbowl rings and 10 conference champion rings. This doesn’t mean i don’t understand everybody’s point of view. I just have my own.

Joe Montana, best I’ve ever seen.

After that Bret Favre. Side note, especially after seeing Favre tweak his knee a couple weeks back, this guy has to be appreciated while he is still in the game. In my opinion he is the ultimate T-man. Monday night will be his 165 straight start, an amazing feat that will probably never be matched again.

I hate to say this, but if winning is more important then stats when determining how great a QB is(In a team sport, I believe stats are more important to divulge who is better, there’s too many variables when the team has 56 people on it) then after about 10-15 years I think McNabb may be the greatest. An i hate to say it, cuz I’m a Skins fan.

well, yes Otto Graham was certainly great. Football was definitely in a different era back then, but he dominated, no doubt. I guess we have to think in terms of modern era football, more or less. Just so everyone knows Otto never played in a Super Bowl. The 1st Super Bowl featured the Packers-Chiefs about 20 years after Graham retired. He did play in the championship games, but like I said before that was a different era.