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Best Pyramid for Deadlift Working Set?


I notice a pretty dramatic difference in my squat working set if I do a proper ramp-up pyramid, but haven't figured out how to make that technique carry over to deadlift. I'm talking about going for a 1x5 max load working set to start off the training session. What's the best way to work up to it to get the best (and safest) pull?


I'm confused. Are you asking how to warm up to your working sets?




For me this is what I do:
A few sets with the bar so I can lower it well below where it normally sits. This way I can really stretch and get in position properly.

Then I load 1 plate and do 2-5 sets for a few reps just to get the groove going and warm up the muscles. In between warmups with bar and 1 plate I will do leg swings, walking toes touches, fire hydrants etc etc....

I will then put on a 2nd plate and usually just 1 set and I feel good. (Obviously only do this if your 1RM is over 500)

Then once 2 plate feels good and you feel loose and warm I would do something like:

50% x5
60% 2x4
70% 2x3
80% x2
5RM - probably around 85%?

This setup is obviously assuming your 1RM is at least 350+ so you can fiddle around with 1 plate or 500+ so you can fiddle with 2 plates


Thank you - very helpful.